Here we have more Funky Fitness Ideas – this time I’m off for a Pole Dancing lesson – see how I go, it’s NOT as easy as you may think, but you get a great workout!…

Part Three of Funky Fitness Ideas – this time we’re heading back to the beach, putting the fun back into fitness!..

Here are my original Top Ten Tips – ways to achieve weight loss success, as put together by Dr Robert Buist..

Here is the second instalment of my Funky Fitness Ideas series – Surfing – NOT as easy as it looks, but a great workout, see how I go..! 

Welcome to ‘Funky Fitness Ideas’ a new series of videos to give you some alternative views on how you can spice up your exercise regime. The first one is looking at Trapeze, filmed at the Sydney Trapeze School, in St Peters, where it is easy to book in, inexpensive, you can go with friends or work colleagues, its fun, challenging AND you get a great work out!…

This weeks Top Ten Tips – Make Exercise a Habit!…

Here I am introducing a brief inside look at the IsoWhey Activation event we held recently at WestField Bondi Junction – getting our message of healthy living to the masses! Look out – it could be near you soon! 🙂

Here we have a video from the successful Media Launch of the new look IsoWhey at the Boy Charlton Pool in Wooloomooloo!

So here we are in 2012 – I am giving you some great tips on how best to get to where you want to be – “Lets make it happen” ….

 Ok, here’s part II of the IsoWhey Bootcamp series – we have 4 new exercises, but equally as hard as the last ones! get ready..go now!!..


 Let me introduce my latest video to hopefully inspire you to get out there and get fit – in a fun way! – Its IsoWhey Bootcamp!…


Part I of my Fitball class – see how to incorporate a fun and versatile workout to spice up your fitness regime!!


 This video is part of my series on Pregnancy and fitness, it shows a very different type of Yoga class, but also very beautiful… for the mums out there, check out how calm the babies are!! Shot at ‘Womb in  Bloom’ in Mosman, Sydney – thanks to all involved!


Here’s Part II of the Deskercise series – moving forward with some more advanced movements to keep you fit in the office!


Is your work bad for your health – the answer is probably YES! Achieve proper posture by following these simple yet effective exercises, all at your desk!! 🙂


Ab-Attack!!! Here it is – dont forget that you won’t actually see your abs until you reduce your body fat percentage, by a combination of diet and cardio, so work out your abs like any other muscle group, 2-3 time a week…


 Pilates Part III is here! -The last instalment of the trilogy to give you the core that you deserve! A strong core is the foundation of all exercise, try to do all three classes together…good luck  🙂

Pilates Part II is below, to help you on your journey to stronger core, but I’ve added in some fun moves a well…and don’t forget to breath! Enjoy 🙂 

 So here we have the first of the Pilates videos, there will be 3 in total to make a complete all round workout. Proper breathing is essential, as is correct posture..get these, and you will see & feel the results! 🙂


 Welcome to my video on the introduction to Pilates. Following this I will be presenting a series of 3 videos to show a wide variety of Pilates poses. Core strength forms the basis of all exercise programs, master this and you’ll be prepared for anything!…


Here is the first of my videos on Kids, and how to keep them active. Childhood obesity is a major problem, especially in Western society & it’s only getting worse – we need to keep highlighting this to make a difference and make our children healthier…let me know your thoughts, either here or my ‘Ask Ian’ page…..



OK, So here’s the final segment of my four part YOGA class, try them separately or together, & if you’re unsure about different types of Yoga, see my blog whee all is explained! – Namaste…


Part III of my Yoga video is below, where I continue with some balancing standing asanas – challenge yourself and give them a go…. Namaste..

Here it is – Part II “Yoga with Ian, The Journey Continues” We continue the Sun Salutations, with added Standing Asanas.Namaste.

Here is the first part of my 4-part Yoga video – I will be releasing part 2 shortly, don’t forget if you have any questions – just go to the “Ask Ian” tab and I will answer you as best I can – Enjoy!







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