Cardio Challenge

  DAY TEN!! – The Final Challenge – for now. To achieve & maintain your fitness and weight loss goals you need to make diet and exercise part of your lifestyle. Once it’s a habit it’s easy, honestly! Don’t forget these challenges will remain here for you to do at any time. Can you do it….YES YOU CAN!! 🙂


DAY NINE! The penultimate day…well done for perservering, lets finish by putting in 100% effort – when you think you’re done….do some more, you CAN do it! 🙂

DAY EIGHT – Ok, Almost there…you can’t stop now… 🙂

DAY SEVEN – the end is in sight –  keep it up, and keep challenging yourself…I believe in you!! Good Luck!


 DAY SIX! – It’s week #2 – Congrats for making it this far – only 5 more days to go! – Don’t forget, do as many rounds as you can! As Always – Best of Luck 🙂

DAY FIVE –  Half way… well done for getting this far, you can’t stop now!! Day 6 will be posted on monday, if you want to do some over the weekend, repeat day 1 & 2. Good Luck 🙂

DAY FOUR Yay! Almost half way already! Keep it up… let me know how your me via the “Ask Ian” page here on the blog or go to the IsoWhey Facebook page...Good Luck!

So far, so good? – It’s Day Three…keep up the momentum….keep challenging yourself, Good Luck! 🙂 


 So now we have Day Two…that’s if you survived day One!! See if you can do one more round than yesterday! Good Luck :0

Welcome to the 10 Day IsoWhey Cardio Challenge. Each day for the next 10 days I will post a new set of 3-4 different exercise routines, done to either reps or a time constraint. You need to do at LEAST 2 rounds, but challenge yourself & do as many as you can. Write down your results so you can repeat the challenge in the future and measure your progresion. Good Luck!! 🙂


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