The men who made us Fat…


mad menBeing over here in the UK I have seen a good many great TV programmes on all things, but the one this week called ‘the men who made us fat’ was really interesting. It is basically blaming the food industry over the years for the increase in the levels (in the Western world anyway) of Obesity. It has a point as well, though at the end of the day, we all have a choice (as well as a remote for the TV!) – we’re not being forced to eat these dreadful diets, but the marketing, and addictive ingredients, hidden sugars etc sure don’t make it easy. I talked ere to Rick Hay, a nutritionist for his opinion…

…If we’re looking for someone to blame for our obesity, then the programme is great! It’s the fault of the food industry. It’s nothing to do with us.

The food industry has much to be ashamed of. It has more than its fair share of men in grey who, I think, are as bad as the men who made us addicted to cigarettes! Thanks to their “genius” much of the food we are eating has sweetened with high fructose corn syrup – actually much sweeter and more calorific than the real thing – sugar. Some foods now have both in! And even some supposedly healthy meals and snacks are suspect.

Then we have the (M)Ad Men and marketing whizzes getting rich and famous on smart campaigns that encourage us not only to eat more, and eat more crap, but also to buy into huge portion sizes.

Isn’t it mad how easily our behaviour is driven by suggestion. Huge portion sizes for example. The programme told us that according to scientific studies, if given a choice of small/medium and large, we go all greedy and go larging it – and ourselves at the same time.

All this came about as a result of a rise in the cost of sugar in the 70s. Some bright spark in the Nixon administration used his powers of suggestion to persuade them to substitute corn syrup for sugar. A bi product of the sugar industry, it was cheaper. (Greed seems to be a recurring theme here.) The detonator was triggered for what has become arguably the biggest health time bomb in the history of mankind.

This is not just about losing weight, this is about saving your life. And you need to get your act together. Currently, two thirds of British adults are overweight and one in four are classified as obese including many children. Conditions such as mature onset diabetes – named as it occurred only in adults is now being seen in children

We have to take responsibility for our own weight management to get off the road to obesity. There are some among us who will for reasons of genetics, or other issues, find it harder to do this. But ultimately the buck stops with the individual. Having thrown my toys out of my pram, you’ll note a softening of my stance here – it’s not easy. It’s about energy Intake and what we expend and how the body uses its calories. We need to eat healthily – and we need to be active – yes to the gym sessions or zumba classes – but also do more of what the body is designed to do naturally – get off your butt!

Let IsoWhey Help..

A few simple dietary changes will fuel your body the way nature intended. It’s not that hard to make some time for your health – there are millions of excuses for not changing but essentially that’s all they are- excuses!

Eat fresh – try cooking from scratch as much as you can.

Eat organic, as much as possible.

If you do have pre-packaged foods, read the labels!!

Reduce portion size

Go Paleo … By following a Paleo style of diet you can turn things around or improve on already good health. This is an eating plan where you eat much like our ancestors did – our genetics have not really changed much since we first roamed the plains of Africa, which makes our body’s perfectly suited to this type of diet which involves eating protein, most vegetables, nuts & seeds and a limited amount of fruit.

Off the menu are many of the modern day high carb, high sugar and syrup staples that we have become accustomed to. A high sugar diet makes the body acidic which creates inflammation. Ageing, disease and general ill-health is associated with inflammation – we should be looking to alkalise the body to create the right environment for its natural processes. The strict plan is out with dairy foods, bread and cereals, sugar, processed & refined foods. A healthy high protein/low carb style of diet is going to help build lean muscle. This helps burn more fat and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. In order to get the best results from this eating plan then there are a few tips: Don’t eat too much red meat. Replace it with fish, organic chicken and tofu in your weekly diet, red meat as your sole protein choice makes the body acidic and depletes calcium, overworks the kidneys and liver, and stagnates in the intestines disrupting beneficial flora. Excessive meat consumption has also been linked to an increased cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes risk.

Eat plenty of vegetables – Preferably raw – lots of salads that with beneficial enzymes to help with digestion. Have a moderate serving of protein – size should be, no bigger than the palm of your hand.

Eat unrefined grains – Although not part of the strict Paleo unrefined grains such as brown rice, millet, quinoa (actually a protein) and buckwheat as these are all high in fibre and antioxidants plus vitamins & minerals.

Eat pulses such as lentils and beans – High in fibre and essential vitamins and minerals.

Importantly. Do NOT skip breakfast. Forget that stupid diet that promises you will lose weight in 1 week. Skipping it leads to weight gain and adrenal exhaustion. If the body runs on adrenaline it’s rendered incapable of burning fat, so snack healthily mid morning and mid afternoon – a handful of nuts with a small piece of fruit is ideal.

IsoWhey is Here to help!

….And of course IsoWhey would be a great addition ,either as a supplement or a replacement of your meals to achieve your health goals. It is rare to find a product low in sugar and fat, high quality protein with a full range of vitamins and minerals PLUS pro- biotics all in one! but here it is (and it tastes fab to boot!)

Beat your Cravings..!

CravingsDo you snack unhealthy stuff that isn’t good for you, eat it anyway, then feel guilty? Do you ask yourself if you are craving too much too often?
Have you been trying to work out how to keep your energy up and still stay trim?
Some people feel that snacking is bad and that eating between meals leads to weight gain, which brings on the guilt. Others believe that eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is healthy for maintaining energy levels and optimal weight. So what’s right for you?
Snacking is good – it keeps your metabolism going and as long as its portion size is controlled and its the RIGHT type of food it will be good for your diet. It is important to listen to your body though and recognise different messages. A sweet craving is a message, feeling tired at 3 p.m. is a message, its what you do about these that make the difference!
Here’s how you can beat the cravings and feel healthy and happy again:
1. Say good-bye to the snack attack guilt.
Everything that we eat gives us a particular result. It’s either good, as in you’re feeling great, or it’s bad, as in stomachache, bloating, low energy, mental fogginess. So what’s the point of feeling guilty if you already ate it? but use this to change habits
2. Understand the message.
Try to understand why you are snacking: Are you hungry? Are you anxious? Are you bored? Are you upset?  Was your meal 100% nutritious? Did you eat enough?
Make a note of the REAL reason behind the craving and see if there’s a pattern behind it.
3. Find a healthy substitute.
Make a list of options as to how you could fulfill that need in a healthy and nourishing way. If you were anxious, or bored, try to find out what could bring you back into a better state of mind. Do you need more love? More exercise? A break from your routine? Think about the things that make you happy and your life worthwhile and aim to do more of these! .
4. Update your meals.
Meals that are not composed of protein, carbs and fats may cause sweet cravings. Lack of protein is a main cause of sweet cravings, so if you’re vegetarian, look at your protein intake. IsoWhey is ideal here, as it contains a fulll range of vitamins and minerals as well as the probiotics and high quality protein
Make sure you eat whole grains daily, and make sure you’re getting enough sweet vegetables (carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, corn,). Use natural sweeteners such as honey, and get high-quality fats from foods like coconut oil, salmon, chia, walnuts and avocado.
5. Upgrade your life
Write down the following:
  • 1 thing that will give you fun in your life every day.
  • 1 thing that will bring love (from yourself, a pet or others) to your life every day.
  • 1 thing that will make you smile every day.
  • 1 thing that will relax you every day.

Crave the good things in life..!

Home Exercise Video #2

Ok, so it’s week two and easy move two! Today it’s the clean & jerk with shoulder press, a compound move using both the upper and lower body, great for an all round cardio wake up call! Form is important so watch and listen carefully, add weight as you strengthen, but always be careful to start slowly and build from there…

Common Nutritional Mistakes – Exposed!..

I have been working with Rick Hay here in London especially looking at Nutrition and how important it is to be aware of pitfalls when planning your diet. Adding IsoWhey to your daily plan is a great way to start, but bear in mind thew following points to get the full advantage of the IsoWhey program..and see the results!..

Know What you're eating...

Know What you’re eating…

There are some common mistakes that we all often make when it comes to optimum nutrition. If you are able to eliminate most of these whilst on your Anti Ageing and Fitness Transformation you will really turbo charge your weight loss results.
So here are some of the most common pitfalls to good health :

  • Not eating every three hours
  •  Not including some protein at each meal and after exercise (IsoWhey is ok for the meal replacements)
  • Not thinking nutient dense rather than empty calories Using a high sugar or high caffeine pick me ups
  • Not dealing with stress
  • Eating too quickly and whilst walking etc – not smelling and really tasting and enjoying your food
  • Not checking labels for hidden sugar e.g in yogurts, health bars, cereals and energy drinks
  • Not taking a multi vitamin mineral or superfood daily – our soils are often depleted and this is a great way to provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating too much meat and too many dairy products.
  • Not having enough hydration – coconut water is a good option to supplement your fluid intake as are herbal teas.
  •  Not having a varied enough diet – this should include nuts, seeds and colourful foods
  • Not checking the label of foods
  • Not keeping a diet diary quaetly for a week so you can see what you are actually doing
  • Not exercising or chilling out enough

…Choose one or two to focus on each week and you will feel the difference!

Stress Less…and feel the difference!

Stress-Less Today!Have you ever had ‘one of those days‘ where you get out of bed and everything just seems to go wrong? It’s like a snowball effect where more and more things go belly up as the day progresses and it’s like there is nothing you can do to stop it?.

These days can be very stressful and if we’re not careful this stress will build up and get stored within our central nervous system and remain there, causing a number of damaging side effects that we probably do not even associate with the initial stressful situation.

While some events which are pretty stressful, are hard to avoid and which we all may have at some point or another, (like moving house, a death, divorce or a breakup) – others in our day to day life we can effect and lessen the damaging effects. A lot of it is having the strength of mind to change our thought process. This is not easy. Sometimes when we have a situation in our lives we seem to just go over and over it it our minds…it can drive you crazy! I unfortunately I have a couple of these situations occurring at the moment and yesterday I had one of those ‘snowball‘ effect days…and I could feel the stress levels increasing dramatically in my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it as I was getting more and more frustrated with the unfolding events- culminating by my running home in the rain late for a really important appointment, only to be completely drenched by a passing car speeding straight through the massive puddle on the road (I was sure on purpose!) – Well, I made it to my appointment (an appearance on a live TV show, of all things!) – so I then HAD to change my thoughts away from my ‘disastrous day’ thoughts which were on repeat in my head.

The show went really well and afterwards I realised that my day had totally changed. While I still had lots going on, the tortuous thoughts had ceased, I felt calmer and the drive home was smooth (even through peak hour!). I then had to go to the hospital to visit a very good friend of mine who is very sick at the moment, and you know what, I realised as well that no matter how bad your day may seem, there are always those who are worse off – my friend, despite her pain, remains positive and with a sense of humour in tact, and I thought if she can do it, I’m damn sure I can – and YOU can too…

Stress can have many damaging effects, but a main one is Obesity. Clients have often said to me they are eating well and doing their exercise routine but not seeing results – stress, for whatever reason will often be the culprit – the hormone cortisol is released and this will inhibit weight loss and actually make it harder to lose those extra pounds.

There are many different ways to handle your stress levels, different things work best for different people – above is a list of easy things you can try if you find yourself caught up in the repeating thoughts that just won’t dissipate. I have talked about meditation before, either by itself or through the practice of Yoga – this can train the mind to be more prepared for these situations when they occur and also deal with them better when they do. Here’s a link to my previous blog to better explain it – “Meditate for Motivation”.

But don’t give up – and don’t forget, “Think, Act…Be”

Think, Act...Be

No time for Fitness? – Workout at work!…

Def. NO excuses!We have all heard that one of the main excuses given for people not doing exercise is that they simply do not have enough time – people will often priortise work or family commitments over their own health – despite the fact that without their health they are no good either to their work or their family!

Most people tend to think of exercise as a means to losing weight, or maintaining a certain fitness level and of course a healthy lifestyle – but it is now realised just how important exercise is for improved productivity in the workplace.

There is a common belief that doing exercise releases a rush of the ‘feel good’ endorphins, and although there is actually little hard scientific evidence of this, anybody who has done a really hard workout or done a great run will certainly vouch for this – you don’t always need scientific proof to know something works!

So how can such exercise helps with our workload??

It seems that exercise may give our body a better chance at dealing with stress (a big cause of weight gain and lack of productivity). Exercise can force the body’s physiological systems to ‘communicate’ better than without specific exercise – i.e the cardiovascular system talks to the renal system, which then talks to the muscular system and these are all controlled by our nervous systems, which must also communicate – what does this mean? – that the more sedentary we are the less efficient our bodies are in responding to stress.

Exercise gives you Wiings!

Research from the University of Bristol showed that after exercising during working hours, participants “returned to work more tolerant of themselves and forgiving of their colleagues” – plus they had better performance shown by improved time management and better mental sharpness. This shows that it is more than just the feel good response but a physiological one. So, if companies provided their staff with this exercise ability, they should get in return more efficient employees, happier in themselves, working better together plus a reduction in sick days and greater attendance and attitude, thereby reducing costs and improving productivity, even if there is a reduction in hours worked, as shown in a recent Swedish study, where workers were given 2.5 hours a week to exercise, resulting in better productivity with less hours.

Further evidence is put forward by Dr John Ratey (an author and psychiatry professor) – there is a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), and when secreted it boosts brain cell growth and strengthens cell to cell connections. This, it is thought leads to increased learning capacity – and guess what triggers this release of BDNF – that’s right – EXERCISE! This also works more efficiently when the exercise is combined with cognitive tasks, hence increased productivity after your lunch time exercise class, and a better time for decision making as well perhaps?!

Think better after Exercise..

So, exercise will help you to be more focused and think clearly, plus enhance your learning ability as well as the fact it can boost your mood and in turn reduce stress and relieve anxiety…when you put all this together imagine two people going for the same job – one exercises the other doesn’t, who do you reckon may have the better attitude/mindset and therefore chance of getting the job (all other factors being the same?)….it’s about looking after your body AND your brain, and getting along that career path quicker (and having more fun along the way!)

Here at Isowhey HO I have been teaching exercise classes for the last few months, (see pic below), I have simply turned an office area into a gym, I got some dumbells, a skipping rope and a couple of fitballs and hey presto a Circuit class is born! I also teach Yoga and Pilates on other days. So many workplaces could also implement this type of exercise system into their office space and I’m sure would see a great improvement in their staff morale. Having to go to the gym after work really eats into your own time, and by the time you get there, and get home and eat it’s time for bed!

IsoWhey Workers Workin' out!

SO, by offering this type of activity in the daytime, means no more

“I just don’t have the time” excuse!

What do you think? Does your employer offer any type of exercise allowance? and if they did would you use it?…

*IsoWhey employees completing a work ‘Cardio Challenge’

Don’t Give Up…

Don't Give Up...Don’t give up” – is an amazing song by Peter Gabriel and the fabulous Kate Bush, if you haven’t heard it try and download it – it may bring a tear to your eye but it is haunting and also inspirational – i love it when you can actually hear the lyrics to songs and they actually mean something and have to capacity to move you – so, don’t give up…even when it seems like nothing is going your way, your haven’t lost the weight you wanted, or got the promotion you had worked so hard for, or your partner turned out to be different from whom you thought them to be -or…whatever it may be.

Gratitude…something all of us should find time for, just think of anything positive that is happening or happened in your life and be grateful for it, when you feel down look around and see the others who are not as well off as yourself, and be grateful, – not always easy, but try not to lose sight of your goals and pat yourself on the back for what you HAVE achieved. Sometimes you need to move the goalposts, and thats ok, be aware of what you have done but stay focused on what you need to do. Think about it, write it down, and DO it! Even though I repeat what I say – it needs to be said, and I want you to ‘get it’!

You are creating yourself every day, just know who and what you want to be and keep on aiming for that – you will get there…


The Milk Wars – whats the right whey?…

I don’t know about you, but I clearly remember the clanking of the milk bottles as they were delivered daily by the local milkman, I remember trying to get to it before my little brother so I could get some of the delicious cream that always just sat there on top, sayingThe Milkman!, drink me‘  – (which I frequently did!)

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