Get Fit for Summer – start the 10 day CARDIO CHALLENGE…

It’s that time of year again when we are coming out of our winter hibernation, shedding some clothes and thinking about heading back to the beach. But do we look the part? Never fear, you can start to get get the body you want for summer right here, right now. By doing the 10 day Cardio Challenge, you can start to  build and tone your muscles, raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism and get set yourself up for the day. You can go as easy or as hard as you like! – Though it is a challenge so try and push yourself by doing as many circuits as you can. You can do these easy moves at home, on the balcony or outside in the garden or park – anytime anywhere – no excuses!

Record either the reps you can do or the time it takes you to complete a round, and track your progress. By adding this into your exercise regime you can be fitter in no time! Pay attention to your form as well, as poor positioning may lead to injury or just not getting the desired effect.

Here is Day One – to see the other sections, simply ‘click’ on the Cardio Challenge tab on the right hand side of the menu bar – easy.    Enjoy!

Beach BootCamp – the Workout Program

Here is the workout program for the Video – “Funky Fitness Ideas – Beach Bootcamp” …. if you have any questions, simply go to my ‘Ask Ian page where I can answer any queries!

Do a quick warm up (2-3 minutes only) to raise your heart rate & get the blood pumping read on..