Exercising when Pregnant – what to do…

One of the questions I get asked all the time is


“can I take IsoWhey while pregnant?”

The answer (unlike nearly ALL our competitors) is Yes! But this got me thinking about the number of people who are pregnant for the first time and have sooo many questions about…well, everything! – including Fitness. There is a lot of media attention these days on how JLo, Posh & Miranda get back their pre-pregnancy bodies in such a short time – and this places tremendous pressure on young mums to do the same, except without all the trappings of personal chefs and PT’s (although don’t forget with IsoWhey you do get myself and Janine as yours!).

As with a lot of things FItness, there are a lot of myths out there press here to read on…

Pics from Balmoral Swim for Charity – Great Day!

SO, Sunday came finally, I had been quite nervous as it got closer as I thought I hadn’t done enough training for the 1km ocean swim! It was a glorious day in Sydney and the beach and ocean looked beautiful – you can’t beat Sydney Harbour on a sunny day!

At first I was quite relieved as the buoys didn’t look that far into the ocean…all was well until about half an hour later when they brought out the other two and placed them far in the distance – my heart sank and the nerves came back!

10.21am We start…. we run into the water….we swim….into each other! It was really very difficult trying to avoid all the arms and legs of all the other competitors, though we soon started to go at our own pace and spread out. I was ok till half way, then I think all the water  was swallowing started having an effect!

But I was determined to finish, so I just focused on the next buoy as if it were the last, then once past it went onto the next one – looking back it really was like all challenges, you need to have short term goals which are attainable to get to your long term goals…

10.52am – I finish! thank heavens….the run up the beach was a killer though as my legs were cramping, but it felt so good to finish. I got straight to the BioCeuticlas table and got my fix of Ultra Muscleze (to help with the cramps) and Ultra PotentC – I recovered very quickly and half an hour later found myself in the 4×4 100m relay.

We didn’t do so well in this one and in fact one of our team members collapsed after the race (he’s ok now), but it shows that you really need to train before taking on a big exercise challenge, especially if its a sport or activity you’re not used to doing. So I always recommend you ease into any exercise program, let your body adapt…and you’ll get the results you want.

BioCeuticals’ Michael with some young supporters

The BC team show of their best assets!

Channel 10 Celebrity reporter Angela Bishop interviews BioCeuticals

The oldest competitor was an amazing 90 years young!

Me! – heading off to the start line.

Thank you to all who supported both myself & BioCeuticals (the major sponsor of the event) – a lot of money was raised for this great charity!

How to Increase your Metabolism – (Part 2)

SO, I talked in the last blog about what Metabolism is and what it’s affected by – many are things we can’t control, but we can affect our diet and exercise. So while certain foods are not exactly fat burning foods, they do require from the body more calories to be broken down in the digestion process. The other main thing we can affect, is of course our Exercise.

Aim to add intense exercise to your routine 2-3 times a week. Here you will workout to at least 75% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 20-30 mins, this could be going for a cycle (or spin class), a swim, a run – outside or on the treadmill, using a cross trainer (eliptical) or rowing machine or in fact any other aerobic exercise. Note – it can be hard to maintain this level, especially at the start of a routine so be sure to build up slowly. Continue Reading…