The Hunger Games (part II) – lose weight and KEEP it off…

Anyone who has seen “The Hunger Games” movie, or read the book, will know that it is about being in a situation where you have to literally fight for your life – the same may be said for some people trying to deal with either being overweight or obese. Continue Reading..

Why you need to LIFT Weight to LOSE Weight!..

There are LOTS of myths about the health and fitness industry and exercise in general, many of these actually put out there by people IN the industry, seemingly to encourage people they do not need to go to the gym, or rather workout…just take this or that product or use this machine to get that amazing 6 pack. Now, we know DIET is the main component in losing weight, however, if you are serious about dropping your body fat percentage then you need to lift weights to lose weight, my questions is – read on….

Alternative forms of exercise… some options!

We had some good ideas on our Facebook page about a number of alternative ways you can do your exercise (other than the usual walking, running and cycling!), so I thought I’d mention a few on my blog!

Vibration machines – a fairly new addition to the scene though the history goes back to the Soviet Union in the 1970’s and the Russian space program. Cosmonauts were unable to spend longer than 120 days or so in space without suffering bone degeneration & muscle atrophy (decrease in size), in researching why, scientists in Russia discovered vibration exercise technology. This proved most effective (their cosmonauts staying in space for 420 days!), but remained hidden to the west until after the fall of the Iron curtain.

These days it has quite a hollywood following with to reveal more, press here…

How to Increase your Metabolism – (Part 2)

SO, I talked in the last blog about what Metabolism is and what it’s affected by – many are things we can’t control, but we can affect our diet and exercise. So while certain foods are not exactly fat burning foods, they do require from the body more calories to be broken down in the digestion process. The other main thing we can affect, is of course our Exercise.

Aim to add intense exercise to your routine 2-3 times a week. Here you will workout to at least 75% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 20-30 mins, this could be going for a cycle (or spin class), a swim, a run – outside or on the treadmill, using a cross trainer (eliptical) or rowing machine or in fact any other aerobic exercise. Note – it can be hard to maintain this level, especially at the start of a routine so be sure to build up slowly. Continue Reading…