Research / News RoundUp – How Ian “C’s” it!

SO…I’m back in Sydney and gearing up for Spring, it’s only just around the corner, so now is the time to really start thinking about reassessing your fitness & health goals in time for summer – especially if you want to hit the beach looking your best! Again I’ve put together some interesting facts & figures for you to help motivate & inspire you. First some FACTS!!:-

University of Southern Queensland: has released (another) list of foods that will best help you fight off Obesity, to see more, press here…

Research Round-Up, How Ian ‘C’s It!

It really is quite frustrating when reading all these new ‘studies’ that are released each week, in trying to actually understand what they are saying! lets go through a few and try to digest them!


One being touted in the media this week is regarding Ageing and Lifestyle – from chemists at the Australian National University & is something most of us are interested in though something that affects us in different ways… and not just because of our genes. Some of us (especially if you’re from Hollywood) seem to be able to age VERY gracefully (others not so). Have Joan Rivers, Raquel Welch and Joan Collins aged naturally – I think not, they are all in their 70’s & looking fabulous (in make-up anyway!) However, these days procedures such as Botox are about as common as going to see the Dentist! to stay young, press here…

Research round-up…How Ian ‘C’s’ it!

Wow, what a week, plenty of ‘new’ research released and new weight loss products being sprouted on TV – but reading through these properly you often see a different reality from what the headline purports!

We had on a popular consumer program this week, a new weight loss product taking the ‘world’ by storm (i just love those statements!). This one was a spray which is supposed to reduce your appetite and enable you to lose 6 kilo’s in 6 weeks. The report was saying how it can now be that easy to lose weight without having to do hardly anything! – Helloo! – Do people fall for this? Bottom line – if you want to lose weight you need to WORK at it, both in terms of diet & exercise, if anyone says anything else, they’re lying! Simple.

The next headline talked about Diet soft drinks possibly increasing the chance of Read More, to See More!…