Have yourself a “Berry Christmas”!

Berry-ing the myth of superfoods”  screams the headline from the health section of the paper I am reading on a train to Stanstead airport. And scream is exactly what I feel like doing after reading it! Another one “The great Detox Deception” leaps out from the health section of another tabloid here in the UK. I have seen now a number of articles over here in the UK, but also back in Australia which seem to be trying to put people off healthy eating. press here to read more..

Vegetables – are they REALLY that healthy??…

 I would like to welcome back our very own IsoWhey Chef… my guest blogger Janine Royce, who is asking the question, do we really know the nutrient quality of the vegetables we buy? read on to find out!…

We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat” and tuned into television campaigns advising us to eat at least 2 servings fruit and 5 serves vegetables per day. These are good guidelines to ensure we are maintaining a healthy diet, but are we really getting any nutrition from our fruit and vegetable intake? Questions that come to mind… click here to continue reading

DETOX – For Health, Well-being & Weight Loss…part 1

WE LIVE IN A TOXIC WORLD” – there, I’ve said it….but its true, for most of us in the Western world anyway, just look at the statistics, we’re fatter & sicker as a society than ever before, we have more incidence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and its happening not just to older people, but the younger generation also.. and it’s costing us a fortune. detox and read more..