Video; Post-Baby Fitness Ideas

To complete my current blog series on how to get back in shape after having a baby, we pay another visit to Bianca in a two-part video showing some different fitness options for you to get back into shape again.

First I went along to Jen Dugards “Body Beyond Baby” classes which she holds in Centennial Park in Sydney – it’s a gorgeous setting and really puts you in the mood to exercise! There are quite a few baby classes which have opened up in recent years and this is obviously a good market to target – what I liked about Jens class is that she employs a number of nannies to actually look after the babies while the mums are doing their workout!

This means she can really focus on their specific needs post baby. I also really liked the fact the Jen gets the new mums to go to the physio to have an ultra sound to check on the actual ‘separation’ of their abdomen – as this will determine the type and intensity of the exercises she may prescribe.

By being part of a group training session you can also find this less expensive than employing a trainer one-on-one, plus it’s a great chance to meet other new mum’s, get fit and socialise at the same time!

However, this may not always be possible… so what can you do?
I popped over to Bianca’s house and showed her some easy moves you can do to get a good little workout in the comfort of your own home AND play with your baby at the same time. This is especially useful if you just don’t have the time to actually get out to either the gym or outside training groups like Jen’s.
Little baby Georgie has been keeping up Bianca at night of late, this means it can be harder to motivate yourself to get your own exercise done – so Bianca has been doing 10-15 mins blocks of the exercises I showed her at different times of the day. A workout does not have to all be in one session, breaking it down to these smaller blocks makes it achievable almost without noticing!

Its been a lot of fun keeping up with Bianca at this very exciting time – the start of an amazing journey, I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did making them!….

Baby Love!

Bianca’s Baby Blog Update!…

Well, Bianca’s had her baby!! Little Georgi Summer arrived into the world weighing a healthy 3.24kg’s and 51 cm tall, luckily for Bianca it was a fairly short labour of only 11 hours from when the waters broke, with Georgi coming into the world at 1pm – and even better was that Bianca did not have too many drugs or an epidural to help her through (just a bit of gas and a drop of Morphine!) – though I think it was a pretty close call – the pain says Bianca is now just a distant memory!

Baby Georgi!!

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