PALEO Fitness – How to incorporate it into YOUR regime…

 So we know that Paleo Fitness is trying to take us back to basics – either literally, in the ‘wild’ so to speak and doing it exactly as our ancestors did, or modifying it into a more practical workout, and not only this, but being aware all the time of your actual movement, in the home, the garden, at work and everything in between!

Exercise isn’t restricted just to the gym or a simple run around the park, think of new activities, hobbies that involve movement

There are 3 main Principles in following Paleo Fitness:– want more, press here…

Bring out your inner Caveman! – What IS Paleo Fitness?..Part 1

No doubt you have heard of the Paleolithic Age – this dates back around 2.5 million years, the term was coined by archaeologist John Lubbock in 1865. It is derived from the Greek terms ‘palaios’ (meaning Old) and ‘lithos’ (stone), so literally meaning ‘old age of stone’ or ‘Old Stone Age’.

So, as Janine mentioned in her latest blog, despite referring to prehistoric times, it has only come into prominence during the last few years, particularly after the book ”The Paleo Diet” was written in 2002. However, it is not just a diet, or way of eating – there is a whole concept of fitness involved which is also gaining favour and becoming rather a buzz word around town. Continue reading