Are you a big FAT liar?….

Well, as this is one of my last blogs from London, I thought I would base it on some interesting data just released over here – which ties in with my earlier writings about the power of our mind in our Battle of the Bulge.

Pork pies are a bit of a speciality over here in the UK, and this latest research is about the fact of how many people exist on a diet of porkie pies! So are you a big fat liar??… stop lying, press here..

BMI – What is it & is it Accurate?

I have had a few people ask me about the BMI or Body Mass Index. This gets mentioned in the media quite a bit, and I think sometimes they just assume people know exactly what it is!

Quite simply, your BMI is your weight in Kg’s divided by your height in meters, squared.

So, if your weight is 70kg and your height is 1.70m your BMI is 24 – i.e you times               1.70 x 1.70 = 2.9        so 70 divided by 2.9 = 24

This is designed to measure your total amount of body fat and should only be used for adults aged 18+ once you have measured your index compare it to this scale:- To See Read On..