Take it away Abraham Lincoln!…


Go Lincoln!I thought it would be rather pertinent to add in this quote from Abraham Lincoln, as he seems to be in the news quite a bit of late, and is in fact up for an Oscar next week…well Daniel Day Lewis is – who I must say looks very much like him..

I have seen Lincoln’s name in a couple of Spirituality books, commenting on his views of the ‘universe’ and our origins – and I think this quote shows his positive attitude to life in general – rather like asking if the glass is half full or half empty…. take it away Abraham…!

Your positive state of mind is vital to every part of your life, socially, professionally, healthwise and especially with fitness and weight loss. You need to try and imagine that you have already achieved your goals, hold this thought in your mind, keep it there, and it will be. Don’t forget, that every single thing ever created….started with a thought..