The Secret (II) – E x e r c i s e rules for the overweight/obese

Being Obese isn’t easy” – either physically or mentally, there are many reasons as to the cause of this condition, but I am talking here about the nuts and bolts – Diet & Exercise.

Elements playing a part may be

– lack of sleep
– stress
– medications
– lifestyle
– medical/hormonal
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The Obesity Debate -what IS the truth?..

The Obesity debate has been raging for some time and there has been plenty of articles about the causes of people being overweight and obese and in my last two blogs I have written about the issues of people re-gaining weight after initially losing it and offering ideas to combat this.
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Death by Sugar – Are u slowly killing yourself?…

There has been much written about the ‘Sugar Scenario’ over the years, most recently was last week, with the publishing (in the journal ‘Neurology’) of a study from the The Australian National University relating to the effect between blood sugar levels and brain shrinkage, read more..

What effect does extra weight have on YOUR life?…

There has been quite a bit of education over the last few years about the co-morbidities of being over-weight or obese – a condition now affecting more than two thirds of the population. These are conditions that result from being overweight such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, even cancers.

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News RoundUp – How Ian ‘C’s’ it!…

 Summer is just around the corner (well, we hope it is!) so we’re all thinking sun, sand and beach – but should we be? the Vitamin D debate has reignited again plus there’s been quite a number of articles concerning the natural health industry. Lets have a look… read more-press here…

BMI – What is it & is it Accurate?

I have had a few people ask me about the BMI or Body Mass Index. This gets mentioned in the media quite a bit, and I think sometimes they just assume people know exactly what it is!

Quite simply, your BMI is your weight in Kg’s divided by your height in meters, squared.

So, if your weight is 70kg and your height is 1.70m your BMI is 24 – i.e you times               1.70 x 1.70 = 2.9        so 70 divided by 2.9 = 24

This is designed to measure your total amount of body fat and should only be used for adults aged 18+ once you have measured your index compare it to this scale:- To See Read On..