Here’s to your good health during the winter months!

By IsoWhey Chef Janine Royce.


It’s about this time of the year when coughs and sneezes start around the office and comments like “my throat feels sore”, “my kid is sick again”, “how I can I boost my immunity?“, are abound.

As the weather gets cooler we spend more time indoors which means more time in closer contact with people AND potentially germs which can cause colds and flus.

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Monday’s Motivation!…

Stick to your planI said in my last motivation quote how everything starts with a thought – and this is true, you need to actually THINK about anything before it can become a reality…

What I didn’t mention is the fact that just thinking about it isn’t enough…you need to keep thinking about it and then ACTION it, and keep putting it into action until it becomes a habit and part of your life style.

So when you think about starting a fitness plan, or any such plan for that matter, write down what you want to achieve and when you want to see results, be honest and be realistic. Focus on this plan, tell people about it, get excited about it. If you can, put together a ‘storyboard’ of what you want to achieve, cut pictures or words from magazines and put them in a motivation, or vision board – and start to believe that this is you NOW! Don’t think about it in terms of what you WANT to happen – as this is all that will happen, a wanting – put out the thought to the Universe that you are ALREADY there, this is YOU NOW, TODAY, you have already arrived.

Then start living this way, keep to your diet, to your fitness regime – plan each week, be organised, know what classes you will go to, make a commitment with someone if you can…meditate on your goals if you are able to, concentrate on Who you are and Who you want to be…

Do this and your dreams will become your reality, you will be literally living your dream – what more could you want?…

p.s.  try to pass this on, for what you give to others, you are giving to yourself..


Think, Act…Be…

Remember, that everything that exists in this world actually started with just a thought, every invention, from the wheel, to building the rocket that took man to the Moon, every book ever written, every painting ever started and every song ever sung. Anything and Everything.

This includes all thoughts you have about YOU, there is no point in dwelling on the past, except perhaps to learn from any experience you have had – good or bad, that may help you in the future.

YOU decide where you are going and how you are going to get there…and it all starts by thinking about it

then write all your ideas down

then ACT on them.

Think about changing your lifestyle, to get the results you want… plan your day, your month your year…push yourself, because no one else will do it for you..

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Focus on your Fitness…& achieve your weight loss goals in 2012!

So its ‘that’ time of year again – it always seems to have gone by so quickly, no matter what we have or haven’t done! It is often a hectic time, generally more socially than workwise, but it is also a great time for reflection. Sometimes to move forward effectively, we need to look back at what we have wanted to do, congratulate ourselves for our achievements, but more importantly look at what we perhaps did not get done and assess the reasons why, to try to ensure that we do not repeat past mistakes? press here to cont..

How to Maintain your Motivation!

Ok, so from the Facebook competition last week, it seems that most of you were concerned about how best to maintain your motivation and stamina. This is actually linked in to my most recent top 10 tips (see separate tab on home page for videocam, or the IsoWhey website), where I talk about how to keep resolutions going. Let me expand on that here and hopefully give you some inspiration!

I think its important to acknowledge that we all have highs & lows in any given situation, so don’t beat yourself up if you occaisionally fall down. I am also a strong believer in the power of the mind – it is said that we only use around 10 per cent of our capacity – imagine then what you are really capable of – literally anything!

This is no secret, but a ‘vision board’ can be a very powerful thing – and it can be made out of anything, a scrap book, photo album, a corkboard or just pictures stuck inside the wardrobe or on the fridge. I try to encourage my clients to visualise what they want to achieve and look like, even take a photo & have it photoshopped into your ideal shape, or buy that new dress or outfit that you want to fit into – give it a timeline (but make it real and achievable) – it could be a wedding or anniversary or a friends reunion, whatever suits.

Other things you may consider to keep you going…

  • write things down, both goals & achievements, its helps to solidify things in your mind
  • make your goals definite, not I will lose weight, but “I will lose 5 kilos by so & so date”
  • take your partner or a friend to your w/out sessions, push each other
  • get motivation from others, the ‘Biggest Loser’ TV show is a good example
  • don’t say “i should”  say  “I am”
  • try something different and fun e.g go to a Rumba class..
  • do it daily, once its a routine, its much easier to keep
  • …but also allow yourself a break or treat now & again!

BUT, the main thing is don’t give up, you’re trying to run 5kms, but struggling on the last bit, say a mantra over and over in your mind ” i’m a winner, i’m a winner” and you will get there, don’t be a couch potato, do sit ups or push ups during the adverts, no more i’m too tired, or too busy – change your thinking, but don’t forget plateaus are part of the process.

Keep up the momentum, & you’ll be amazed your results!