Celebrity Culture – friend or foe?…

Welcome to my 100th Blog!

My aim is to motivate and /or inspire people to achieve their fitness & health goals, and I certainly hope I achieve that…today I am asking the question

“Do we unfairly judge ourselves?”

– and to celebrate this milestone I am going to give away a FREE double Hoyts movie pass – Australia only 😦    to the best comment answering

“What inspires you to achieve your goals”….

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Everyone knows that we have a huge Obesity ‘epidemic’ around the world – press here to knopw more..

What’s the latest Hollywood fad?…

WATER! Coconut water that is.

If you have been reading magazines recently or taking note of what is in your local health food store you most probably have heard of this – its taking America by storm & is set to do the same here. This has been helped by the endorsement of Madonna who has invested about $1.5 million in a company which produces it! (along with Demi Moore & Matthew McConaughey)

However, it seems there is substance to this fad. Coconut water has been used soak up more by reading on…