Day Five – Easy Cardio exercise…

So we are going to finish with a challenge, the Burpee, you either love it or hate it! I have given you two options on how to do it though so don’t worry! Try the harder one if you can and finish on the easier as many as you can, keeping form and keep your record!…and beat it next time… 🙂

Bring out your inner Caveman! – What IS Paleo Fitness?..Part 1

No doubt you have heard of the Paleolithic Age – this dates back around 2.5 million years, the term was coined by archaeologist John Lubbock in 1865. It is derived from the Greek terms ‘palaios’ (meaning Old) and ‘lithos’ (stone), so literally meaning ‘old age of stone’ or ‘Old Stone Age’.

So, as Janine mentioned in her latest blog, despite referring to prehistoric times, it has only come into prominence during the last few years, particularly after the book ”The Paleo Diet” was written in 2002. However, it is not just a diet, or way of eating – there is a whole concept of fitness involved which is also gaining favour and becoming rather a buzz word around town. Continue reading

TOP TIPS – get that beach body for summer…

WANT TO SEE RESULTS? …THEN DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME … DOING IT WRONG!! Being disciplined doesn’t come easily to most of us – but, if you want to see results you simply HAVE to be, it’s that simple! I’m going to give you some tips to help you get the results to change your life, to get fit….. and keep it that way!

You can choose, spend an hour at the gym or working out, chatting, being social & not really thinking about what you’re doing and basically leaving pretty much in the same state that you arrived –

OR Continue Reading…

Burn Fat Faster …-> -> ->

When we talk about how to either lose weight, make your workouts more effective or how to Burn Fat Faster,  we really should look at three things that can affect this process…





Nutrition   – (you are what you eat… or will become it!)

Detox       – ( your body needs to be clean inside, to function properly)

Exercise    – (when, what, how) 

The foundation for how well your body works of course is determined by how efficiently it’s working on the inside, this may be partly influenced by genetics, but most of it will be from how you have treated your body over the years, how much alcohol you’ve had, how many cigarettes you smoked, how many Maccers you have on the way home from a night out on the weekend! How and when to Detox is an issue I will discuss fully in a future blog….