Eat, Pray….IsoWhey

Let me pass you over to our very own IsoWhey Chef, Janine Royce, who has just returned form an adventure in India, and is writing here to pass on some great tips and advice that she learnt from her trip…. 

I recently returned from my holiday to Southern India and my first thoughts about going there was I hope I trim down and lose a few kilos!!! I was wondering if I might get sick, as you hear the horror stories of “Delhi belly” and having a sensitive stomach I am usually a good candidate. want more, press here..

Different Styles of YOGA..Explained (Part II)

So, now we know where Yoga originated, lets look at the different styles.

I seem to be hearing about new ones all the time so it can be very confusing as to what they all are exactly, especially if you are new to Yoga.

There are many pathways to Yoga and many of these are intertwined, to the extent that most Yoga practiced in the western world stems from Hatha (pronounced Hah-ta, meaning sun/moon) – The eight pathways to yoga are to find out, click here..