Have yourself a “Berry Christmas”!

Berry-ing the myth of superfoods”  screams the headline from the health section of the paper I am reading on a train to Stanstead airport. And scream is exactly what I feel like doing after reading it! Another one “The great Detox Deception” leaps out from the health section of another tabloid here in the UK. I have seen now a number of articles over here in the UK, but also back in Australia which seem to be trying to put people off healthy eating. press here to read more..

News Round Up from London – how Ian ‘C’s” it!

So, here I am in London…and I’ve been doing a bit of research to see what the Pom’s take is on things – I have put together a few bits and pieces to help you along your way to achieving your fitness & health goals….lets start with some interesting stats…


40% – the boost in anti-oxidants if foods are grown organically..

64% – the # of adults under 45 who suffer joint pain

2862 – the number of jumping Jacks you’d have to do to cancel out eating 2 slices of regular pizza (1040 cals)

10 points – the by which Beetroot juice can lower Blood pressure, say UK scientists

13% – the amount by which coffee drinkers suffer ‘increased distress or functional impairment’ if they DO NOT have it!! …

PLUS… news cont’d by pressing here!…

Jamie Oliver – the food revolution we have to have..

You have all heard of Jamie Oliver I’m sure, British Celebrity Chef, sometimes Naked, currently with a small cookbook out? Well, he has been based in America for the last few months filming his ‘Food Revolution’ now in its second season after its successful launch last year. I just happened to tune in on the weekend and am so glad that I did.

It made me angry.

You should watch it. Especially if you have kids.

Basically, Jamie has seen how poor diet has affected children both in the UK and the States (though of course it’s happening here as well), but not just children, to families, and he’s trying to start a revolution. He’s based in the unhealthiest state in America (West Virginia) & is trying to change how the States feed their kids at school – and it is un believable the obstacles he comes up against. The authorities wouldn’t allow him into their schools to film in the cafeterias or even talk to the kids to see what they want. Why is this? All he is trying to do is save kids lives!! He was even threatened with being arrested and had his filming rights rescinded! READ MORE…