The Hunger Games (part II) – lose weight and KEEP it off…

Anyone who has seen “The Hunger Games” movie, or read the book, will know that it is about being in a situation where you have to literally fight for your life – the same may be said for some people trying to deal with either being overweight or obese. Continue Reading..

7 Fat Loss Myths – Exposed!…

It seems that every week we read a ‘new’ version of what is best for us in this eternal battle to lose weight and get live a healthier life. But a lot of what is put out there is not really true or based on fact – here are 7 myths that you may not be aware of, followed by the reality! Here we go…!  continue reading..

Burn Fat Faster …-> -> ->

When we talk about how to either lose weight, make your workouts more effective or how to Burn Fat Faster,  we really should look at three things that can affect this process…





Nutrition   – (you are what you eat… or will become it!)

Detox       – ( your body needs to be clean inside, to function properly)

Exercise    – (when, what, how) 

The foundation for how well your body works of course is determined by how efficiently it’s working on the inside, this may be partly influenced by genetics, but most of it will be from how you have treated your body over the years, how much alcohol you’ve had, how many cigarettes you smoked, how many Maccers you have on the way home from a night out on the weekend! How and when to Detox is an issue I will discuss fully in a future blog….

Research Round Up – How Ian ‘C’s it!

As usual, quite a few fascinating pieces of research released in the last week. Here’s just three of them…

  • NUTS! – we all know that nuts are good for us, research has shown that by consuming nuts regularly you may reduce the risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes and certain cancers. Nuts are really an essential part of any diet, because of these reasons and with the IsoWhey program we recommend that you have them as part of your mid morning or mid afternoon snack.

But which one is the #1 nut? want more – read on….

How to Increase your Metabolism…(part one)

Metabolism – you’ve probably heard of it and may know that it can affect your weight, but do you really know what it is?
Well, basically it’s the rate at which your body burns calories.
We all have chemical & physical processes which occur in the body in order to sustain life – this process actually provides the energy we require for digestion, breathing, tissue repair, laughing or any activity. This process is Metabolism. We need to eat to provide our bodies with nutrients to be broken down & provide energy and also build new cells.
We all have a different Metabolism, but this is affected by a variety of things, like to speed up, Press Here…

Do you have a Habit?

Making a habit easy…

Whenever I hear the word habit, I don’t about you but it always reminds me of a bad habit – but why should it? Lets face it we all have at least ONE bad habit – but the thing is it’s just as easy to get into good habits. ‘They’ say it takes around 21 days to make a habit, that’s just 3 weeks! It can’t be that hard surely??

After the New Year i’m sure a lot of us made a number of resolutions – that was 7 weeks ago – how are you going, sticking with it? IF not why not? …Well, I just finished filming my next ‘Top Ten Tips’ where I answer exactly this -( I’ll post it next week.)

Its good to remember that you’re not alone – I know I struggle with getting things done all the time – but how good do you feel when you actually do it? the main things to remember are…

  • make short & longer term goals
  • make them achievable
  • Don’t make them TOO difficult
  • write down what you want to achieve
  • ..and make it in the present tense
  • be specific, both in nature and time
  • build on your goals, 1st week 5min jog/2nd week 10 mins & so on

Get motivated and make it work though don’t beat yourself up if you miss a session, but don’t forget YOU are the only one who can make it happen….

Myth-Busting – The secret to a flatter stomach (part 2)

…so continuing the blog from friday, here’s a few more common misconceptions out there which you really ought to know aren’t true!

  • Eat less weigh less – if you think you will lose weight by skipping meals you’re mistaken! This is a real no-no. You need to eat every 3-4 hours, eat sensible size meals or snacks, to keep you metabolism stimulated
  • The longer the workout, the better the results – unless you’re an athlete training for a specific sport you don’t need to do more than a hour in the gym – 40 mins of the right intensity workout should do it, and no chatting between sets for 5 mins – that doesn’t count! Also, you don’t have to be at the gym 7 days a week – the body grows & recovers during rest – so carry on reading