Home Exercise Video #2

Ok, so it’s week two and easy move two! Today it’s the clean & jerk with shoulder press, a compound move using both the upper and lower body, great for an all round cardio wake up call! Form is important so watch and listen carefully, add weight as you strengthen, but always be careful to start slowly and build from there…

Your Weekend Workout….a challenge for you!

Just in case you had no plans for the weekend, why not get your Saturday off to a super metabolic start – with this ‘100 Workout‘ – now you can do this in your living room, on the balcony in the park or at the beach – so no excuses! You may like it so much you do it twice (optional though!)

It will raise your heart rate, improve blood circulation, get that oxygen to your muscles and Burn that Fat!! Afterwards treat yourself to a delicious berry IsoWhey shake to get that protein hit and make it all worth while!

Good Luck! 🙂
Work It!!

Beach BootCamp – the Workout Program

Here is the workout program for the Video – “Funky Fitness Ideas – Beach Bootcamp” …. if you have any questions, simply go to my ‘Ask Ian page where I can answer any queries!

Do a quick warm up (2-3 minutes only) to raise your heart rate & get the blood pumping read on..

Cardio vs Strength training – which one wins 4 Weight Loss?…

SO which rules? Strength training or Cardio, in the race to reduce your weight? Well of course the answer is hard because both have great weight loss abilities but it’s interesting to compare them. 

As I mentioned in the last blog, diet is going to be the primary way to lose your body fat, and reduce your weight (IsoWhey twice a day!)  – the importance of this though depends on where you are starting from, i.e. if you are morbidly obese you really are not able to work out effectively and diet is how you will begin to drop the kilos, with as much walking as you can do, everyday. As you start to drop your weight you will be able to move and exercise more and therefore this becomes a more important part of your health and fitness regime, and as you near your target weight, your training can become more focused on toning your body and improving your cardiovascular (heart) fitness. press to read on…

After you have RUN… do you RECOVER properly??

As I mentioned in my last blog, running (or jogging) can be a great addition to your fitness regime, whether your goal is to lose some extra kilos or to improve your general level of fitness.  Now running isn’t for everyone and you do need a good base level of fitness before embarking on a heavy running routine – don’t forget there are different levels, you don’t have to run a marathon – you may just want to jog around the park a couple of times a week, do whatever you feel you need to do. You can get great results in all different areas, but if you train hard did you realise you need to RECOVER harder?! press on press here…

Burn Fat Faster …-> -> ->

When we talk about how to either lose weight, make your workouts more effective or how to Burn Fat Faster,  we really should look at three things that can affect this process…





Nutrition   – (you are what you eat… or will become it!)

Detox       – ( your body needs to be clean inside, to function properly)

Exercise    – (when, what, how) 

The foundation for how well your body works of course is determined by how efficiently it’s working on the inside, this may be partly influenced by genetics, but most of it will be from how you have treated your body over the years, how much alcohol you’ve had, how many cigarettes you smoked, how many Maccers you have on the way home from a night out on the weekend! How and when to Detox is an issue I will discuss fully in a future blog….

How to Increase your Metabolism – (Part 2)

SO, I talked in the last blog about what Metabolism is and what it’s affected by – many are things we can’t control, but we can affect our diet and exercise. So while certain foods are not exactly fat burning foods, they do require from the body more calories to be broken down in the digestion process. The other main thing we can affect, is of course our Exercise.

Aim to add intense exercise to your routine 2-3 times a week. Here you will workout to at least 75% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 20-30 mins, this could be going for a cycle (or spin class), a swim, a run – outside or on the treadmill, using a cross trainer (eliptical) or rowing machine or in fact any other aerobic exercise. Note – it can be hard to maintain this level, especially at the start of a routine so be sure to build up slowly. Continue Reading…

Making the most of your weekend..

Sitting on the train coming back from the south coast, I was thinking how I hadn’t been to the gym for a few days – however I was feeling pretty tired…but in looking back at the weekend realised just how much exercise I had done!
I was staying with a good friend down in Gerringong who has a large property with lots of upkeep required – plus 2 children (and friends of children!) – and all this adds up to a lot of exercise. Hammer here to read more…

Myth-Busting – The secret to a flatter stomach (part 2)

…so continuing the blog from friday, here’s a few more common misconceptions out there which you really ought to know aren’t true!

  • Eat less weigh less – if you think you will lose weight by skipping meals you’re mistaken! This is a real no-no. You need to eat every 3-4 hours, eat sensible size meals or snacks, to keep you metabolism stimulated
  • The longer the workout, the better the results – unless you’re an athlete training for a specific sport you don’t need to do more than a hour in the gym – 40 mins of the right intensity workout should do it, and no chatting between sets for 5 mins – that doesn’t count! Also, you don’t have to be at the gym 7 days a week – the body grows & recovers during rest – so carry on reading