Your Weekend Workout….a challenge for you!

Just in case you had no plans for the weekend, why not get your Saturday off to a super metabolic start – with this ‘100 Workout‘ – now you can do this in your living room, on the balcony in the park or at the beach – so no excuses! You may like it so much you do it twice (optional though!)

It will raise your heart rate, improve blood circulation, get that oxygen to your muscles and Burn that Fat!! Afterwards treat yourself to a delicious berry IsoWhey shake to get that protein hit and make it all worth while!

Good Luck! 🙂
Work It!!

Burn Fat Faster …-> -> ->

When we talk about how to either lose weight, make your workouts more effective or how to Burn Fat Faster,  we really should look at three things that can affect this process…





Nutrition   – (you are what you eat… or will become it!)

Detox       – ( your body needs to be clean inside, to function properly)

Exercise    – (when, what, how) 

The foundation for how well your body works of course is determined by how efficiently it’s working on the inside, this may be partly influenced by genetics, but most of it will be from how you have treated your body over the years, how much alcohol you’ve had, how many cigarettes you smoked, how many Maccers you have on the way home from a night out on the weekend! How and when to Detox is an issue I will discuss fully in a future blog….