Blast Your Belly Fat (Exercises) Part II..

Welcome to Part II of my ‘blasting your belly fat’ blog! As mentioned in Part I, to start this process you MUST change your diet, this is essential to losing the fat around your middle – it doesn’t matter how many Ab exercises you perform, they are simply never gonna show with that layer of tummy flab. So once you have the calories ‘IN’ under control you need to look at calories ‘OUT’ i.e energy expenditure. blast away press here to cont…

Focus on your Fitness…& achieve your weight loss goals in 2012!

So its ‘that’ time of year again – it always seems to have gone by so quickly, no matter what we have or haven’t done! It is often a hectic time, generally more socially than workwise, but it is also a great time for reflection. Sometimes to move forward effectively, we need to look back at what we have wanted to do, congratulate ourselves for our achievements, but more importantly look at what we perhaps did not get done and assess the reasons why, to try to ensure that we do not repeat past mistakes? press here to cont..