Your Weekend Workout….a challenge for you!

Just in case you had no plans for the weekend, why not get your Saturday off to a super metabolic start – with this ‘100 Workout‘ – now you can do this in your living room, on the balcony in the park or at the beach – so no excuses! You may like it so much you do it twice (optional though!)

It will raise your heart rate, improve blood circulation, get that oxygen to your muscles and Burn that Fat!! Afterwards treat yourself to a delicious berry IsoWhey shake to get that protein hit and make it all worth while!

Good Luck! 🙂
Work It!!

EXERCISE to Detox the mind body & spirit…

People usually think of detoxing as simply changing what you eat or just buying a quick fix potion…and diet is the main detox tool – however, there are quite a few other things you can do to accelerate your detoxification. The main one being.. continue reading…