Have yourself a “Berry Christmas”!

Berry-ing the myth of superfoods”  screams the headline from the health section of the paper I am reading on a train to Stanstead airport. And scream is exactly what I feel like doing after reading it! Another one “The great Detox Deception” leaps out from the health section of another tabloid here in the UK. I have seen now a number of articles over here in the UK, but also back in Australia which seem to be trying to put people off healthy eating. press here to read more..

To Supplement or not to Supplement…? (Part Two)

So, I talked in the last blog about basic supplements, and it can be a very daunting experience walking into a health store and seeing the huge array of products available to you – that’s why it’s best to know your stuff, know what you want/need, and get the right quality. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive but if it’s cheap there’s normally a (not too good) reason for that, so beware!

Of course it should be your aim to have a good healthy balanced diet – but most of us realise that that just isn’t going to happen everyday! Even if you think you’re eating healthily, that may not be the case – the soils in which our vegetables are grown are much depleted in the amount of minerals they contain due to years of over use, plus of course we have the chemicals that are everywhere today and being stored in YOUR body. We often put our bodies through such a hard time, especially during early adulthood, we don’t even know what it should feel like to be healthy. Nowadays you can take supplements for most concerns – the top ones worth mentioning are… get healthy, read on…

Supplements – how to choose (Part One)

Supplements – can be defined as a ‘preparation intended to supplement the diet and provide nutrients such as vitamins, fibre & amino acids that may be missing or not found in sufficient quantities in the diet to provide optimal health’. These can be in the form of pills, capsules, tablets, powder or liquid. These have been around for years in their present form, but of course their origin is from nature, so have actually been here for millions of years – unlike manmade (usually toxic) medicines which have not.

There is of course a place for all types of medicine in this world, the unfortunate fact is that MONEY is more important to many people, (& pharmaceutical companies!) especially the people in power, who decide what YOU the consumer can and cannot be told. This is really a big enough topic for a totally separate blog which I will do at a later date, but I have been shocked by the laws which govern the UK health industry (from the EU) – read on, press here…