The men who made us Fat…


mad menBeing over here in the UK I have seen a good many great TV programmes on all things, but the one this week called ‘the men who made us fat’ was really interesting. It is basically blaming the food industry over the years for the increase in the levels (in the Western world anyway) of Obesity. It has a point as well, though at the end of the day, we all have a choice (as well as a remote for the TV!) – we’re not being forced to eat these dreadful diets, but the marketing, and addictive ingredients, hidden sugars etc sure don’t make it easy. I talked ere to Rick Hay, a nutritionist for his opinion…

…If we’re looking for someone to blame for our obesity, then the programme is great! It’s the fault of the food industry. It’s nothing to do with us.

The food industry has much to be ashamed of. It has more than its fair share of men in grey who, I think, are as bad as the men who made us addicted to cigarettes! Thanks to their “genius” much of the food we are eating has sweetened with high fructose corn syrup – actually much sweeter and more calorific than the real thing – sugar. Some foods now have both in! And even some supposedly healthy meals and snacks are suspect.

Then we have the (M)Ad Men and marketing whizzes getting rich and famous on smart campaigns that encourage us not only to eat more, and eat more crap, but also to buy into huge portion sizes.

Isn’t it mad how easily our behaviour is driven by suggestion. Huge portion sizes for example. The programme told us that according to scientific studies, if given a choice of small/medium and large, we go all greedy and go larging it – and ourselves at the same time.

All this came about as a result of a rise in the cost of sugar in the 70s. Some bright spark in the Nixon administration used his powers of suggestion to persuade them to substitute corn syrup for sugar. A bi product of the sugar industry, it was cheaper. (Greed seems to be a recurring theme here.) The detonator was triggered for what has become arguably the biggest health time bomb in the history of mankind.

This is not just about losing weight, this is about saving your life. And you need to get your act together. Currently, two thirds of British adults are overweight and one in four are classified as obese including many children. Conditions such as mature onset diabetes – named as it occurred only in adults is now being seen in children

We have to take responsibility for our own weight management to get off the road to obesity. There are some among us who will for reasons of genetics, or other issues, find it harder to do this. But ultimately the buck stops with the individual. Having thrown my toys out of my pram, you’ll note a softening of my stance here – it’s not easy. It’s about energy Intake and what we expend and how the body uses its calories. We need to eat healthily – and we need to be active – yes to the gym sessions or zumba classes – but also do more of what the body is designed to do naturally – get off your butt!

Let IsoWhey Help..

A few simple dietary changes will fuel your body the way nature intended. It’s not that hard to make some time for your health – there are millions of excuses for not changing but essentially that’s all they are- excuses!

Eat fresh – try cooking from scratch as much as you can.

Eat organic, as much as possible.

If you do have pre-packaged foods, read the labels!!

Reduce portion size

Go Paleo … By following a Paleo style of diet you can turn things around or improve on already good health. This is an eating plan where you eat much like our ancestors did – our genetics have not really changed much since we first roamed the plains of Africa, which makes our body’s perfectly suited to this type of diet which involves eating protein, most vegetables, nuts & seeds and a limited amount of fruit.

Off the menu are many of the modern day high carb, high sugar and syrup staples that we have become accustomed to. A high sugar diet makes the body acidic which creates inflammation. Ageing, disease and general ill-health is associated with inflammation – we should be looking to alkalise the body to create the right environment for its natural processes. The strict plan is out with dairy foods, bread and cereals, sugar, processed & refined foods. A healthy high protein/low carb style of diet is going to help build lean muscle. This helps burn more fat and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. In order to get the best results from this eating plan then there are a few tips: Don’t eat too much red meat. Replace it with fish, organic chicken and tofu in your weekly diet, red meat as your sole protein choice makes the body acidic and depletes calcium, overworks the kidneys and liver, and stagnates in the intestines disrupting beneficial flora. Excessive meat consumption has also been linked to an increased cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes risk.

Eat plenty of vegetables – Preferably raw – lots of salads that with beneficial enzymes to help with digestion. Have a moderate serving of protein – size should be, no bigger than the palm of your hand.

Eat unrefined grains – Although not part of the strict Paleo unrefined grains such as brown rice, millet, quinoa (actually a protein) and buckwheat as these are all high in fibre and antioxidants plus vitamins & minerals.

Eat pulses such as lentils and beans – High in fibre and essential vitamins and minerals.

Importantly. Do NOT skip breakfast. Forget that stupid diet that promises you will lose weight in 1 week. Skipping it leads to weight gain and adrenal exhaustion. If the body runs on adrenaline it’s rendered incapable of burning fat, so snack healthily mid morning and mid afternoon – a handful of nuts with a small piece of fruit is ideal.

IsoWhey is Here to help!

….And of course IsoWhey would be a great addition ,either as a supplement or a replacement of your meals to achieve your health goals. It is rare to find a product low in sugar and fat, high quality protein with a full range of vitamins and minerals PLUS pro- biotics all in one! but here it is (and it tastes fab to boot!)