Ian’s Kitchen

Before the weather heats up – why not treat yourself to a delicious Lamb and sweet potato pie – that’s also nutritious, from IsoWhey Chef Janine Royce…

Winter has well and truly arrived! Let Janine show you how you can take the chill out of the air by making this healthy and warming Green Vegetable Soup…YUM!!..

IsoWhey had introduced a fantasic new product to its range – Healthy Hot Chocolate! at only 21 calories per serve it may also assist in weight loss by giving you a better nights sleep thereby assisting your weight control…and its so easy!!

Here in Janine’s latest video, she is showing you how to turn a popular pasta dinner into a much healthier alternative – watch & learn!! 🙂

It’s Easter Time – time to over indulge on chocolate – well NO, not necessarily! Check out Janine’s great ideas on how to have your chocolate egg and eat it too!!

Our resident IsoWhey chef, Janine has just returned from a trip to India, and here she shares some footage from her adventure and shows you how to cook a beautiful spice encrusted salmon steak!…Go Janine!


Here’s some great picnic ideas from Janine to help you have the perfect day with family & friends – in a healthy, Iso-Whey!…


 Here is the second instalment of Janine’s “Quick Bites” series – these are quick, cheap and easy to make, the perfect way to add a bit of taste to your day!


Here’s Janine latest video on how to prepare quick healthy snacks in minutes – todays, we have IsoWhey Protein Balls! Enjoy… 🙂

In this second part, IsoWheys very own chef, Janine suggests ideas for lunch and dinner in the IsoWhey day!…:)


 So here we have Janine showing you ways to incorporate IsoWhey into your daily cooking routine, morning noon or night! Enjoy 🙂



So here we are in mid-winter…and with no end in sight here are some ideas from IsoWhey’s very own chef Janine on how to eat well without piling on the pounds with comfort eating! – Give them a go! 🙂

 Check out our latest fabulous cooking show, where we’re gonna turn you Japanese! It’s a really healthy AND tasty Miso dish…let us know how you find it! – Good Luck  🙂


 Here’s Episode 4 of our cooking show – try it out – Quinoa is SO easy to make and SO healthy – anyone can do it…!


Here we have Episode II of IsoWhey’s lifestyle segment  “Cooking on the Lighter Side – with Janine”  – today we’re having fish for lunch… Enjoy!

Here is the first of IsoWhey’s lifestyle segment – “Cooking on the Lighter side, with Janine” – with a different theme each time we will be showing you easy, delicious and nutritious, recipes, these can also be downloaded so you can play it while you’re actually in your kitchen cooking! For the full recipe, see our website http://www.isowhey.com.au


1 thought on “Ian’s Kitchen

  1. Really liked this asian chicken with vermicelli and asian herbs! I love the way you introduce the variety of flavours and I learned how to chop for the asian recipe which is also great. Thanks Janine I look forward to your next recipe! Healthy, tasty and quite quick to prepare.

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