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As well as having the video answers to questions that I get asked, this page is a chance for you to ask me about any fitness concerns you may have or any advice you may need – ask away!

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    • Hi there Michelle, thank you for a great question! I’ll answer it in 2 parts though. Firstly, you talk about motivation – its important to have short term goals as well as the longer one to lose the weight and keep it off – set challenging, but reachable goals & reward yourself once to achieve them, perhaps try & find someone to motivate you as well, say a friend to work out with to & spur you on!

      Secondly, those kilos round the middle can be tricky to move, but not by doing extra sit-ups – see my blog for today! Its to do with a combination of diet & exercise – try to mix up your routine, both in diet and the cardio workouts, watch your calorie intake and no naughties! – You should get over your plateau – Good Luck Michelle

  1. Hi Ian I have a Rare Disease which has left me disabled and as I was on steriods for a long time Im trying to lose weight the whole part of my stomach as I look like Im pregnant (I havenot been on steriods for over 2years), I have lost some weight, but cannot do sit ups or anything to strenuous, as my back is the core part of my disease I now have no abdominal strength anymore, I try a little yoga and step on my wii fit plus as well as leg exercises in bed but tire quickly and If I over do it I end up in bed for 2 days in pain, Is there something else I can do that may help me, Im getting desperate. I use to weigh 55kg and do aerobics 7 days a week, since my illness has been getting worse the harder it is to do alot, I walk around the shops on with my walker but feel very discouraged. Please help me

    • Dear Kylie,
      I was very sorry to hear about you situation, this must be very debilitating and frustrating. In this situation I always have to recommend that a client consult their doctor to know exactly what they can or cannot do. However, I have had clients in similar situations. For people with back (particularly lower back) problems, PILATES can be a great help. It uses slow controlled body movements to strengthen the TVA (Transverse Abdominus) ‘the core’. One client spent 3 months on the Pilates REFORMER machine and went from being almost unable to walk to back to normal (as long as he kept on using the machine). I would recommend going to a qualified practitioner in a proper studio to gain advice. I do not generally advise people with back problems do Yoga as this can be a contraindication. Try & stretch everyday as well Kylie, see my latest video about to be downloaded for some ideas, but always listen to your body, any pain and you stop!
      Regarding weight, this can be a problem if you can’t exercise as you’d like – but this is where IsoWhey comes in, during the trials we held a few years ago, the participants lost an average of 1-2 kilos a week, with no extra exercise, try and replace 1-2 meals a day and as you lose some weight, hopefully the exercises will get easier to do – don’t lose hope though, every little bit helps.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I am a mother of four kids and in the last 8 weeks have lost a total of 11kgs. I am unable to exercise at a gym and mainly do my exercise at home on the spin bike, in front of the television and love to go for long fast paced walks with the kids on thier bikes. I usually try and do around 60mins medium exercise a day. I am new to the whole exercise/diet lifestyle but really enjoying it! What I would like to ask is if you could please recommend some exercises I can do to both strengthen and tone my mid section and also inner thighs? I was told by a doctor during a prenatal examination 4 years ago that my stomach muscles were torn down the middle/ had seperated (could this be right?) . I try my hardest to do crunches, sit ups, leg raises but my stomach muscles just seem to feel so weak and at times I get such pain in the muscles just under my ribs that is so intense it just turns me off that exercise altogether.
    My stomach, waist and inner thighs just seem look like a deflated ballon but still have some fat there, can these become more taught/firmer with certain exercise?
    I thankyou for your hel and advice
    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Christie,
      Thank you for some great points raised there. You are not alone regarding the ‘torn’ muscles – though strictly speaking they are not exactly torn, more separated after having ‘thinned’ out with a ‘space’ been created between the two sides…either during the latter stages of your pregnancy or labour/delivery.
      This can be genetically linked, or, due to multiple births, being overweight or previous experience of it. It’s called “diastasis recti”.
      To fix this, you need to start off doing gentle ‘core’ exercises – otherwise known as ‘Pilates’. I have actually just shot a couple of videos which I’ll be posting soon showing how to do these. Pilates works the ‘transverse abdominus’ the corset muscle that lies deep around your mid section, beneath the rectus abdominus (your 6-pack), as well as the obliques (the side ab muscles), and also the pelvic floor – the most basic exercise is just to lie down, drawing the belly button toward the spine and ‘pull up’ on the pelvic floor, hold and release..this is simply switching on or engaging the internal muscle so should not cause pain, as you get stronger you can do advanced exercises.
      Pilates will help to tone these muscles, cardio (like you’re doing) will assist with reducing body fat (as well as diet and IsoWhey!).However, it sounds like you are doing just cardio, try and do some resistance work (weights), then you’ll really start to see results. Check out my ‘home workout video’ in the video section of the blog, this should help – i’d invest in a set of dumbbells too!
      Good Luck Christy – let me know how you go! Ian 🙂

      • Thankyou Ian will get those dumbells. I am also loving your 10 day cardio challenges workouts. Thankyou Ian and IsoWhey 😉

  3. Hi Ian,
    I am looking for a whey powder that contains lactoferrin because lactoferrin is good for building bones. It occurs in whey but it is not listed on the label of ISOWHEY COMPLETE. Please let me know if this product contains lactoferrin and if not can you tell me a whey product that does. I’ve been recommended to add whey powder to my diet to help build my bones as I have osteoporosis.
    Thanks for your help.


    • Hi Alexandra, unfortunately I am not in the office today but will get back to you by tomorrow. Lactoferrin is an iron binding protein found in milk – breast milk primarily but produced commercially from cows milk. Its main function however is to protect the body from infection by boosting the immune system and acting as a free radical, by assisting in the healthy development of intestinal flora – as far as I know not specifically for bone strength. For this, of course their a calcium, but also perhaps more importantly Vitamin D plays a big role in bone strength. Also I would strongly recommend you include a weights routine into your fitness schedule as this will definitely assist you here, it has even been shown to reverse the onset of Osteoporosis.I will advise on the situation with IsoWhey tomorrow and recommend other supplements for you which will be effective in your situation – Kind Regards, Ian 🙂

    • Hello again Alexandra, just following up on your question regarding the lactoferrin, you will find this in all whey powders, the reason it is not on the label is because it is not a large enough quantity to be mentioned. However as I said, it’s purpose is not generally for bone strength. IsoWhey does contain calcium however so if you also supplement Vitamin D , plus add a weights routine to your exercise you should see improvement – hope this helps!… Ian

  4. Hi Ian,

    I have only been using IsoWhey Complete for 3 days now but I have found that after about 3pm I crave carbs… I am on several medications for arthritis that make me crave them and I don’t know what I can eat to help get rid of the cravings or do I just suffer them and they will pass as time goes on. I try water or a cup of herbal tea but it does not get rid of the cravings.

    I am in the process of dropping my steroids which I have found to bloat me and make me put on weight and will only be using them during flare ups. The other medication I can’t stop so I just need some advice on allowable “fixes” for when these craving come or how to get past the cravings…

  5. Hi Cathy, it’s great that you’ve just started the program, and I do sympathise as it can be quite challenging when you are on these type of medications. Getting your diet in control should really help though, IsoWhey also contains Chromium to help control the sugar cravings. You may want to have 1 of your ISW shakes as an afternoon snack, or have it in some natural greek yoghurt and add some berries in too, which is really delicious & should help curb that 3pm craving.The new ingredients in ISoWhey (litesse, prebiotic & the acidophilius plus enzymes) will also help your gut function better, which can also be negatively effected by these drugs. Stick with the program & I’m sure you will see great results..good luck..Ian :)))

    • Hi Ian.. thanks for that info.. so I can have one in the morning, one for lunch and then one in the afternoon, Is that right?

      Or do I just turn the lunch time one into a smoothie?

  6. Hi Cathy, I would stick to 2 ISW shakes a day still – aim to have a healthy snack between 2-3 pm to try to avoid the cravings, either try half a functional ISW protein bar or put say 1 scoop of choc ISW into the natural yoghurt to make the healthy snack seem like a sweet treat!
    To mix it up though, some days I would have the ISW shake as an afternoon snack with a small healthy salad with say tuna (for protein) as lunch. Be aware of portion size & calories without specifically counting them, hopefully this will help!!
    Dont forget as well to exercise regularly to lose the kilo’s and reduce body fat percentage!
    Good Luck! :0))

  7. Hi Ian,
    I am 46 years old, and today I started taking Isowhey and it seems from the list of ingredients that it is a very healthful and wholesome product which might improve people’s health. I plan to keep on replacing one meal a day with an Isowhey shake because I need to lose 25 kilos. I have a few health problems so I have been taking some medications for many years. My doctor told me a few days ago that it would be good if I could lose weight, but she also told me that the last blood test that I had show that my kidneys seem to be tired and this worries me, so because of that I would like to ask you if you think that it would be safe for my kidneys if I keep on taking Isowhey everyday. I thank you in advance for your help.
    Yours sincerely,


  8. Hello Eva, thanks you for your question… – I would check with your Doctor, perhaps just take a tub of ISW with you, but as you say, ISW is all natural so there should not be any contra-indications to your medications. In fact ISW is often recommended for recuperation, to help patients maintain a healthy diet.
    Some meds may inhibit weight loss, but ISW should certainly help – sometimes try having it twice a day in addition to one healthy meal & snacks, see the e-book and the website for ideas!
    To accelerate your weight loss add in mixture of different types of exercise from basic walking to resistance, to cardio to yoga, with this combination you should lose the weight you want to – to keep weight off you need to make lifestyle changes to both diet and exercise, but these changes will only enhance your life, so its worth it!
    Best of luck :))

  9. Hi Ian i am 70 and have just started on isowhey my weight is 96kl i have a knee replacement which is not helpful as far as i do not jog, i have a treadmill and a Elipticalal machine i also have a bench and a few weights. Just a bit of anvice on a workout routine would be helpful thank you

  10. Hi there Carole! and congratulations on starting the IsoWhey program! Now you should see results just from that, however by combining the ISW with an exercise program would be the way to get the best results. Regarding your knee, you do need to get your Doctors advice on any boundaries you may have with the replacement, however rehabilitation generally involves exercising it. It sounds like you work out at home, so you may want to check out my ‘home workout video’ on the blog. The key would be to start slowly and listen to your body, never work to pain. Choose lighter weights (dumbells) to begin, say 1-2 kilos to work the upper body. Don’t do any lunges though, for the legs I would simply sit on a chair and raise the feet away from the ground,if this is easy, you can purchase ankle weights (light!) to increase resistance. Alternate days between cardio – the eliptical is good as there is no pressure on the knee & the weight routine..walking is always good to do everyday, either outside or on your treadmill.Consistency will be the key, so I hope you get your results very soon! Please ask if you have any other specific questions…Ian 🙂

  11. Hi there Ian, this sort of touches on another question but due to a work injury and finding out I have a major disc herniation I have found myself more desperate and motivated to lose weight so am wanting to embark on an isowhey diet, but due to the seriousness of my back even walking is a struggle, I am only 23 and have started seeing a specialist whos recomendation was ofcourse drugs, but I am wanting to do some sort of excercise, if its not at all possible to.excercise at the moment as I have been like this for 12 weeks will I still lose atleast some weight following the isowhey complete diet? Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  12. Hi there Deearna, I’m sorry to hear about your injury, that must be frustrating not being mobile enough at present to do any exercise. The good news is that on the Isowhey diet, you should be able to lose weight without additional exercise due to the reduction in calorie intake. I would recommend you look at the free ISW guide from the website to see how to best fit it into your regime. It’s important to note that a few stumbling blocks to weight loss can be poor sleep, stress and certain medications – just something to be aware of, plus it may be worthwhile paying a visit to your local natural healthcare practitioner who can advise on natural alternatives to chemical drugs. Best of luck..ian 🙂

  13. Hi Ian. I have breast cancer and am doing chemo after 2 surgeries . I have always been a fit person and dpi g regular exercise and don’t want to lose muscle and lean body was recommended Isoy whey professional..chocolate less supposed to keep fairly sugar dairy free you think the product will help me during the cancer?



  14. Dear Ian,

    I am currently using IsoWhey as a meal replacement 2x/day to start me towards weight-loss/fat-burning. I am re-starting my exercise, following a knee injury, by running 3x/week.

    I intend to also introduce weight-lifting. So, I want to ask you whether IsoWhey would make a good pre-workout protein drink? I don’t know any other protein supplement products, but I trust IsoWhey. I don’t want the carbs because I’m trying to lose weight, but I believe that I will need to supplement with protein if I’m going to lift weights. Once I start lifting weights I will stop taking IsoWhey as a meal replacement…

    What do you think? I’d appreciate your advice.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Ian, That’s a great question, though the answer is (of course) not clear cut! Adding weights resistance to your fitness regime is a good idea as this will promote your fat burning ability and lower body fat %. There are different schools of thought on when to take protein, generally it is considered best to take your protein within a half hour or so after your workout, this is the time your body starts to build new muscle and repair itself and for this you need protein. Some people take protein before as well, to fuel their workout and promote glycogen stores (for energy). Chose what works and feels good for you.There is no right or wrong, I prefer afterwards as I am hungry as well at this time and don’t like to work out on a tummy full of liquid, though I would have a snack (eg Banana) before the gym, as an empty stomach is not good either! ISW is great to keep in your diet, even after you start to lift weights, though feel free not to have it as a meal replacement, or perhaps have it for breakfast and post w/o snack – you will benefit from the other ingredients plus a lot of other w/o shakes are full of nasties (esp sugar). Carbohydrates are an energy source and not all bad – vegies are carbs as well, so not just rice and pasta! Don’t forget to go easy on your knee with leg exercises though! – hope this helps! :))

  15. Whey powder does increase muscle and help weight loss and not add weight am I right? I have cancer and eat well but not well enough to do any exercise having been very fit. I a, keen to lose weight and increase or maintain my muscle. Thanks.

    • Hi Tania, the simple answer is that yes, you’re right, protein (e.g from whey powder) is essential, both for your diet in general and also if you are to maintain and also build good lean muscle as it helps the muscles repair after they have been ‘challenged’ after resistance exercise. The more muscle you have the more fat you will burn as well, therefore assisting in weight loss. IsoWhey also contains whey isolate which is more bioavailable and will absorb better. Of course you also get all the other goodies that are in ISW like the probiotics and fibre, as well as the minerals and vitamins, which is why you can use it as a meal replacement again to assist in weight loss.
      If going to the gym you may choose to have ISW for breakfast, as well as using it for your protein source (or a snack) within 30 mins or so of having a workout. Be aware of your caloric intake to ensure you reach your weight loss goals, either cut out sugar or keep it a mimimum and try to add both cardio and resistance (weights) to your exercise routine…good luck Tania, Ian :))

  16. Hi Ian, I’m 56 years old and started Isowhey Complete twice a day 2 weeks ago, with 1 meal a day either have fruit salad or oats in the morning and or small amount low fat meal at night , and also have a few almonds during a day, so far I lost 2kg. My question is : Is it Ok I still taking supplement everyday such as; Giucosamine 1500, Evening primrose oil and 50+multivtamin ? Many thanks. Joyce

    • Hello Joyce – Well first of congratulations on starting the ISW program AND losing 2kg’s already, that sounds like a good steady start! In answer to your question, yes it is ok to keep taking your supplements within the ISW program. Note though that the multi Vitamin is beneficial when the diet is lacking, so if you’re taking ISW x2 a day PLUS eating a good well balanced meal as well (plus your healthy snacks), that should be ok – however if you are specifically lacking in something by all means keep taking it. If you want to enhance your weight loss you may also want to try the new ISW boost, plus if you’re exercising, the L-Carnatine will assist with fat metabolisation and get you results quicker. It’s always good to try some of the different recipes for ISW and meal options from the booklet downloadable from the ISW website – Good Luck with everything! Ian :))

  17. Hi Ian,
    I started isowhey yesterday for weight loss so doing fast track. I’m so excited its delicious. I’ve done other shakes in the past with great results and as I was about to buy it again I compared the side labels and thought I’d give this a try. It tastes unlike any other protein powder and meal replacement shake I’ve had before. Yum! I wanted to ask about coffee/cappuccino. I always have a coffee in the morning I am wondering if to achieve best results I should stop this or if this is allowed? Any thoughts would be appreciated, my baby is 9 months and I’ve been trying to loose this baby weight for 8 months now, it’s getting abit ridiculous, time to get serious!

    • Hi Anastasia, sorry for the late reply, I am currently ‘on assignment’ in London and somehow your comment bypassed me! That’s great that you’re loving the IsoWhey! re the coffee, some people are coffee nazi’s and say no no no, I would say if you can replace your coffee with coffee ISW then great, if not..then 1 a day (skinny of course) will not kill you! You need not to be strict with yourself that you end up hating your diet as you will not then keep to it. One day a week have something naughty – this is ok as well. Put as much cardio into your day as you can, esp with baby – check out my recent baby videos for of luck..Ian :))

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