Who is Ian?

Commit to be FIT!


Ian Seagrave Chapman

Ian is….. “someone I met about 4 years ago at my local gym, I had been told by my Doctor that I had to lose weight so I took the plunge to get a Personal Trainer, that’s where Ian came in – he trained me every week for almost 3 years, I changed my diet, plus Ian introduced me to Isowhey®

which made a huge difference, I lost my weight and still have Isowhey as part of my diet today because I enjoy it so much!”

Nolene Cummings – Balmoral, Sydney

Ian is…. where do I start?! –  Ian is inspirational, determined, funny, spiritual, Ian is someone who pushes me to the end line every time we train, but we always have fun doing it! I have learnt a lot over the last couple of years, about how best to train, what to eat and when and how to pace myself, I couldn’t have done it without him!

– Mari-liza Blake Vaucluse, Sydney


Its kinda hard for these type of Bio’s not to sound like a resume or simply too clichéd. But here goes anyway! … I find it funny when I look back to my younger years, when I thought that I pretty much knew everything, but as I got older, realised that I knew less and less – about life and the Universe anyway.

Over the years (ohoh, here comes the resume part!), I have done many different jobs in many industries (farming, banking, furniture design and travel to name but a few) and met so many amazing people travelling around the world, trying to piece it all together, I haven’t quite succeeded yet, but it sure is good to try. Though my jobs may have changed, the one constant in my life has been my passion for

Health and Fitness.

I have been working out myself for over 20 years and actually working in the industry for 8 years, (teaching Yoga, Pilates, Personal training,TV presenting, blogging and video making).  I LOVE it – it makes me alive… healthy… energised…and has certainly helped me get through a few tough times that we all go through.

Everyone should do it!

It is my goal to teach as many people as possible about how it is essential to keep yourself healthy to achieve all your goals, live the life you want and be the person you are meant to be. To do this you have to eat properly, you have to be active and above all you have to have

F U N!!

And you know what…. you can do it.

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