Changing Fear…

Feel the Fear and do it anyway...!

Feel the Fear and do it anyway…!

Change is a major fear for many people, but it’s this fear of change that can really hold us back from achieving our true potential. Sometimes I think it’s our ego that wants us to just stay the same, not really progress – this can also be called procrastination! I am often a victim of this myself – you can actually talk yourself into doing a hundred other things…apart from the one thing that you really want to do – have you ever felt this?

But things don’t ever stay the same, not really – it is amazing though when you do do what you want how easy it actually was to do – and the fear disappears.

Many people want to lose the weight or get fitter – but something inside stops you from starting…well – that’s you! (or your ego at least) – but that needn’t be the case, you CAN do what you need to do – remember my motto – “Think, Act, Be” – the thinking is the easy bit – the acting part is where people trip up! However…once you take that first step, the others follow so much more easier, believe me, I’ve done it. So plan what you want, write down certain steps, progress your plan and act on it…then you will BE on your way…

…To a fitter, healthier you!…


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