Cardio Video Day Three…

Here we are at day number three and this is a classic Pilates move, which of course focuses on the core, but it also works every other part of the body as well! As usual there are different stages easy up to advanced, work at your own level then progress. Don’t forget just because you may not be actually moving, this does not mean your body is not working! Static positions are great to mix things up. Hold the plank as long as you can, and time yourself to check your progress! Good Luck! 🙂

Home Exercise Video #2

Ok, so it’s week two and easy move two! Today it’s the clean & jerk with shoulder press, a compound move using both the upper and lower body, great for an all round cardio wake up call! Form is important so watch and listen carefully, add weight as you strengthen, but always be careful to start slowly and build from there…

Common Nutritional Mistakes – Exposed!..

I have been working with Rick Hay here in London especially looking at Nutrition and how important it is to be aware of pitfalls when planning your diet. Adding IsoWhey to your daily plan is a great way to start, but bear in mind thew following points to get the full advantage of the IsoWhey program..and see the results!..

Know What you're eating...

Know What you’re eating…

There are some common mistakes that we all often make when it comes to optimum nutrition. If you are able to eliminate most of these whilst on your Anti Ageing and Fitness Transformation you will really turbo charge your weight loss results.
So here are some of the most common pitfalls to good health :

  • Not eating every three hours
  •  Not including some protein at each meal and after exercise (IsoWhey is ok for the meal replacements)
  • Not thinking nutient dense rather than empty calories Using a high sugar or high caffeine pick me ups
  • Not dealing with stress
  • Eating too quickly and whilst walking etc – not smelling and really tasting and enjoying your food
  • Not checking labels for hidden sugar e.g in yogurts, health bars, cereals and energy drinks
  • Not taking a multi vitamin mineral or superfood daily – our soils are often depleted and this is a great way to provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Eating too much meat and too many dairy products.
  • Not having enough hydration – coconut water is a good option to supplement your fluid intake as are herbal teas.
  •  Not having a varied enough diet – this should include nuts, seeds and colourful foods
  • Not checking the label of foods
  • Not keeping a diet diary quaetly for a week so you can see what you are actually doing
  • Not exercising or chilling out enough

…Choose one or two to focus on each week and you will feel the difference!

Delicious IsoWhey Complete Mixed Nuts and Banana Muffins

Are you looking for a healthy baking recipe to trial this winter? Why not try IsoWhey ambassador, nutritionist and chef, Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s recipe for healthy muffins as featured on Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef.

We would love to hear how you go with this recipe, so please share your feedback below.

IsoWhey Complete Mixed Nuts and Banana Muffins

IsoWhey Complete Mixed Nuts and Banana Muffin


Continue Cooking…!