Video; Post-Baby Fitness Ideas

To complete my current blog series on how to get back in shape after having a baby, we pay another visit to Bianca in a two-part video showing some different fitness options for you to get back into shape again.

First I went along to Jen Dugards “Body Beyond Baby” classes which she holds in Centennial Park in Sydney – it’s a gorgeous setting and really puts you in the mood to exercise! There are quite a few baby classes which have opened up in recent years and this is obviously a good market to target – what I liked about Jens class is that she employs a number of nannies to actually look after the babies while the mums are doing their workout!

This means she can really focus on their specific needs post baby. I also really liked the fact the Jen gets the new mums to go to the physio to have an ultra sound to check on the actual ‘separation’ of their abdomen – as this will determine the type and intensity of the exercises she may prescribe.

By being part of a group training session you can also find this less expensive than employing a trainer one-on-one, plus it’s a great chance to meet other new mum’s, get fit and socialise at the same time!

However, this may not always be possible… so what can you do?
I popped over to Bianca’s house and showed her some easy moves you can do to get a good little workout in the comfort of your own home AND play with your baby at the same time. This is especially useful if you just don’t have the time to actually get out to either the gym or outside training groups like Jen’s.
Little baby Georgie has been keeping up Bianca at night of late, this means it can be harder to motivate yourself to get your own exercise done – so Bianca has been doing 10-15 mins blocks of the exercises I showed her at different times of the day. A workout does not have to all be in one session, breaking it down to these smaller blocks makes it achievable almost without noticing!

Its been a lot of fun keeping up with Bianca at this very exciting time – the start of an amazing journey, I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did making them!….

Baby Love!

Stress Less…and feel the difference!

Stress-Less Today!Have you ever had ‘one of those days‘ where you get out of bed and everything just seems to go wrong? It’s like a snowball effect where more and more things go belly up as the day progresses and it’s like there is nothing you can do to stop it?.

These days can be very stressful and if we’re not careful this stress will build up and get stored within our central nervous system and remain there, causing a number of damaging side effects that we probably do not even associate with the initial stressful situation.

While some events which are pretty stressful, are hard to avoid and which we all may have at some point or another, (like moving house, a death, divorce or a breakup) – others in our day to day life we can effect and lessen the damaging effects. A lot of it is having the strength of mind to change our thought process. This is not easy. Sometimes when we have a situation in our lives we seem to just go over and over it it our minds…it can drive you crazy! I unfortunately I have a couple of these situations occurring at the moment and yesterday I had one of those ‘snowball‘ effect days…and I could feel the stress levels increasing dramatically in my body and there was nothing I could do to stop it as I was getting more and more frustrated with the unfolding events- culminating by my running home in the rain late for a really important appointment, only to be completely drenched by a passing car speeding straight through the massive puddle on the road (I was sure on purpose!) – Well, I made it to my appointment (an appearance on a live TV show, of all things!) – so I then HAD to change my thoughts away from my ‘disastrous day’ thoughts which were on repeat in my head.

The show went really well and afterwards I realised that my day had totally changed. While I still had lots going on, the tortuous thoughts had ceased, I felt calmer and the drive home was smooth (even through peak hour!). I then had to go to the hospital to visit a very good friend of mine who is very sick at the moment, and you know what, I realised as well that no matter how bad your day may seem, there are always those who are worse off – my friend, despite her pain, remains positive and with a sense of humour in tact, and I thought if she can do it, I’m damn sure I can – and YOU can too…

Stress can have many damaging effects, but a main one is Obesity. Clients have often said to me they are eating well and doing their exercise routine but not seeing results – stress, for whatever reason will often be the culprit – the hormone cortisol is released and this will inhibit weight loss and actually make it harder to lose those extra pounds.

There are many different ways to handle your stress levels, different things work best for different people – above is a list of easy things you can try if you find yourself caught up in the repeating thoughts that just won’t dissipate. I have talked about meditation before, either by itself or through the practice of Yoga – this can train the mind to be more prepared for these situations when they occur and also deal with them better when they do. Here’s a link to my previous blog to better explain it – “Meditate for Motivation”.

But don’t give up – and don’t forget, “Think, Act…Be”

Think, Act...Be