Body-Building Hamster Addicted to IsoWhey!…

Go Hammy!Well that may not be entirely true, but my point is that it is so easy to draw people in to an article or story by having an outrageous headline. It happens all the time, but when you read the actual story, the headline that drew you in often appears less and less applicable!

There are continual stories about how exercise can make you fat, how its dangerous to take vitamin supplements, coffee is really good for you, as of course is chocolate… and recently there has been more stories about the usefulness / dangers of protein powders, particularly with the increase in internet purchasing, and especially by younger people…

The most recent culprit has been an ingredient called DMAA (or Dimethylamylamine – try saying that after a couple of wines!). This is an organic compound that can be chemically synthesised. It is supposed to restrict blood flow which has been thought to be an effective way to stimulate muscle growth at a lower intensity, there is also allegedly evidence to show it as an effective fat burner – and it is also to be found in some protein powder products…but at what cost? There has been a couple of deaths associated with the taking of products containing this ingredient. The chemical structure is similar to amphetamines which may give you an idea as to its effect.

The TGA (therapeutic goods administration) has now banned this ingredient and products containing it, from sale in Australia, and it is currently being taken off shelves in the US also at this time. The problem here being that many people, including body builders and people wanting to lose weight, these days are buying their products over the internet, with no advice at all, just often biased marketing spiel.

This is where the danger lies, in not knowing exactly what you are buying, or the effects it may have. People can get lured in by false promises and cheap prices, and while anything in too great a measure will be bad for you, and you need to be aware of side effects. This applies to everything though – imagine the effect you would feel if you went home and took all the prescription medicine given to you by your doctor in one go, you wouldn’t be too well either…

Protein gives you Wiings!

At the end of the day you get what you pay for – you want something to be as natural as possible and to contain no chemicals, as over time these build up in your system and become toxic. So….always check the label of all ingredients before you buy and know what they are, & get advice from a reputable naturopath if possible. But also use the supplements properly, if it says 2 scoops, don’t use 4 thinking it’s twice as effective!

Before buying anything, especially if off the internet you need to check it out first and when buying your protein powders you want to look at certain things…

  • source of protein (isolate, concentrate / what grade of concentrate, pure?)
  • sugar / sweeteners used
  • carb content
  • artificial flavours / colours
  • gluten content?
  • casein free?
  • lactose level
  • vitamin and Mineral profile
  • fibre and fat totals



If you get a product that has the best sources of ingredients and also processes of manufacture it is unlikely that it will be cheap – this includes basically everything from powders to vitamins to foods in general. If you’re looking to lose weight look for casein free powder (like IsoWhey), casein is the part of natural milk that makes you put on weight – in Australia, most of the main brands include this in their product – not IsoWhey).


I have been using IsoWhey for seven years now…the reason being that I truly believe in it, both from it having the best ingredients, especially the vitamin/mineral profile, but also its low sugar content (over the fat content which is also low) having no artificial anything is also very important to me, but mainly it’s the fact that its natural, and is a good pure source of both isolate and concentrate whey protein – often the payoff of having great quality ingredients like these is the product not tasting the best, and whilst you cannot please everyone all the time with the same taste, I believe ISW is considered to have the best taste on the market. I love it! I really do.

So…don’t always get drawn in by the headline, always read behind the story to get at what is really being said. Health, weight loss and well being are vital for everyone, and surely worth investing in, and not giving in to the cheapest bidder or the latest fad. Choose wisely and reap the benefits…

What’s the most important thing for you in buying your supplements?

Do you stick with what you know ,or do you like to try new things?..

I’d love to hear your thoughts!…

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