Bianca’s Baby Blog – Part III

B&GSO, here we are just checking in once again with Bianca to see hows she’s doing with baby Georgie (aka B&G !!) – we are now over 6 weeks in  (about 2 months to be exact!), so this is the time you can really start to get back into your fitness regime – if you chose to, and if you have the time and if you have the energy…

For Bianca, this was always her plan – though of course when it’s your first baby its kinda hard to really know exactly what to expect, but being into fitness before she had Georgie, and exercising while she was pregnant has meant that her body has responded well to what she has done so far, and now she’s over the 6 week mark, has the all clear from her Doctor to up ‘the ante’ a wee bit!

Slimline B

Variety was the key to Bianca’s fitness before her baby and she wants to try to keep it that way post natal. How you do this will of course depend on your individual situation, whether you are going straight back to work, whether you work from home, or if you have child care regularly or just a great mother-in-law! but where there’s a will there’s a (iso)way!

Georgie started with upping her cardio – primarily by pushing baby G around in the pram, but also adding in moves like different squats, while holding the pram – also doing 1-legged balance work, all this involves the core as well. She tries to include hills where she can and aims to do approx. an hour at a time.

Super GBut if you’re a stay at home mum, especially for the first 6 months anyway, thats where you will spend a lot of your time – at home! So Bianca has turned a small part of her house in to her temporary gym – all you need is a couple of square meters, a couple of dumbbells or better still, just your baby and your own body weight. I will be posting a video soon of Bianca doing just this, plus her outside cardio workout.

Babe in arms..Bianca has however managed to get to her gym (once a week) to attend her Pilates class – now you can do this at home with say a dvd or simply your previous knowledge, but going to a class means variety, proper instruction, and being social again – all great positives!

What I would avoid for the first 3 months or so would be running and aerobics type classes… you need to really allow your muscles and joints to properly recover, always be aware of your back  as well it may still be weakened from the birth and leave swimming until a week after the post natal bleeding has stopped. If you do go to a regular class, advise the trainer that you have recently had a baby.

The key as always is to ease yourself back into it, and don’t stress if you can’t make it all the time, enjoy your baby, and then begin to enjoy being you as well!

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