Re-energise with ‘FebFast’!…

Feb Fast

It is my pleasure to welcome back my guest blogger – the one and only Janine, IsoWhey chef extraordinaire! Here she is talking about how you can best challenge yourself by ‘going without’ for the month of February! Here we go…

With FebFast approaching, now might be the time to revisit your New Years resolutions,

goals or plans especially if things haven’t quite gone as they should and you may be needing a new kickstart for your weight loss and health goals.

For anyone who is unfamiliar withFebFast, it is an Australian organisation set up to help raise money and support for drug and alcohol programs for young people and families, by getting you, the public to give up alcohol for the month of February – see

NO Alcohol

If you do this at work like we are here at IsoWhey Head Quarters you can choose anything to give up for the month such as coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, fast food, someone here is even giving up swearing! – It can become your own personal challenge to either start or continue your detox.(click HERE to read Ian’s Detox Blog!)

A break from alcohol post the December/January festive season is timely and will be Naughty Chocolate...easier to participate as part of a group thing when you know everyone else is in the same boat. So ask your friends, partners and work colleagues to join in with you.

An evaluation of the impact of FebFast participation in the past, found that the most popular reason to join was related to personal benefits and participants improving their own health. Many participants also found that their attitudes changed towards alcohol and reduced consumption as a result of FebFast.

The top 3 benefits of taking a break from alcohol were reported as saving moneyshutterstock_82777936-1, sleeping better and losing weight. These are all good reasons to be a part of febfast!

When I first heard about febfast, the word “fast” conjured up images of depriving the body of food and living on water or juices but in reality a fast can be a good time to give the body a rest and reassess your current diet and eating habits which may need an overhaul or update.

You don’t need to go extremes as with true fasting but you could try some short Sugar Mountainterm tweaks to your diet, such as reducing your coffee and sugar intake and drinking more water, cutting down your dairy intake, tossing out your junk food and processed staples and getting more fruit & vegetables into your diet. Take a look at this great green Detox smoothie Ian and I made earlier!

Sometimes it takes something like FebFast to motivate you into action and reconnect to your health and weight loss goals.

  • Don’t smokeNO smoking!
  • No chocolate
  • Reduce dairy

Goals keep you focused and on track.

Just start with a small goal that you know you can do each day for the next month during febfast such as having only one Decaf coffee per day or getting up early to have a walk before breakfast.

Choose Decaf ?

Write it down and make a plan and put it somewhere you can see it. This will help you be more committed, rather than the thoughts going around in your head most likely thats where they will stay…..

Don’t for get to pat yourself on the back as you go along achieving your goals and keep yourself motivated and going.

Think about the great health rewards you are going to achieve doing febfast such as more energy, a better eating plan, weight loss and even boosting your mood! 

You could also give yourself a small reward, something you personally enjoy, ideally tied to your goal such as a new outfit if you achieved your weight loss, or a new pair of gym shoes to improve your fitness goals and your fitness look!.

Detox Detox Detox

Let us know any great ideas you may have that we can try and give up here at IsoWhey HQ!!  -we’d love to hear from you….

Good Luck

1 thought on “Re-energise with ‘FebFast’!…

  1. Some great advice Janine. I’m looking forward to the whole experience and the peer pressure will be easier to deal with, when you’re committed to FebFast.

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