Bianca’s Baby Blog Update!…

Well, Bianca’s had her baby!! Little Georgi Summer arrived into the world weighing a healthy 3.24kg’s and 51 cm tall, luckily for Bianca it was a fairly short labour of only 11 hours from when the waters broke, with Georgi coming into the world at 1pm – and even better was that Bianca did not have too many drugs or an epidural to help her through (just a bit of gas and a drop of Morphine!) – though I think it was a pretty close call – the pain says Bianca is now just a distant memory!

Baby Georgi!!

I popped round to see Bianca just three weeks after Georgi was born and here are her new body pics! Not bad for three weeks heh?! I asked Bianca a few questions regarding her exercise and pregnancy and how she is managing to lose the weight so well…

Ian: “How long did you exercise up until the birth?”

Bianca: I exercised up to week 34, after which my only exercise was walking to /from work (more like a waddle though!) – about 40mins per day.

Ian: “Did you exercise constantly and with the same intensity?”

Bianca: During my pregnancy I did Preggi Bellies twice a week (week 16/33), plus 1 gym session a week with weights or a class (spin or Body Attack), I decreased intensity as the weeks wore on as it ws not physically possible to maintain the same level.

Ian: “Did you seek expert help re exercise, or simply carry on as before?”

Bianca: Yes, Prefggi Bellies is a specifically designed class for mums to be and in the other classes I got advice on what low impact exercises to do from the instructor.

Ian: “Apart from the belly where was the biggest weight gain?”

Bianca: My boobs! Seriously!…and my legs, the rest stayed pretty much the same only softer!

Bianca’s New Post baby body Body

Skinny Bianca!Bianca 3 weeks after giving birth…

Post birth, Bianca says that she feels pretty good, her uterus has contracted quickly accounting for some of her return to her old self – partly due to her having had strong muscles (core) before getting pregnant. Bianca’s current exercise regime is walking the baby in the pram every day, she also plans to reintroduce hand weights (5 weeks after birth). After her 6 week check up she aims to be back at the gym around twice per week (working it in around when hubby can take over looking after little Georgi).

IMG_0706Regarding diet, Bianca says she no longer has cravings, and is consuming a lot less Milo!, she is back to her 3 meals a day and having IsoWhey as a snack of course, sometimes having this as a meal, depending on the day, sometimes it’s easy to miss breakfast yourself, so IsoWhey is great to use as a back up and always as an addition to a balanced diet, which you should make sure you maintain especially if breastfeeding.

Baby Exercise!

I will be visiting Bianca again in a couple of weeks to check on how she is doing and see if she has managed to stick to her new fitness regime..and of course I’ll be taking new oics to share with you….

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