Make a New Year’s Resolution resolution!…

2 0 1 3 Yes, that’s right, why don’t you this year make a New Year’s Resolution resolution?!

You probably know from experience that each year you make your resolutions and generally each year you don’t see them through to the next one?

Research shows that most people give up on their resolutions within the first month of trying, so getting a good result is obviously not that easy and it seems to get harder as you get older!

SO what goes wrong and what can we do about it? Lets start by making a resolution this year to make your New Year’s resolutions

achievable and enjoyable!

The good thing about New Year, even if you don’t get into the whole resolution thing, is that it does tend to be a time of reflection – a time to look back at what has happened and to look forward about how to proceed with your life.
The top resolutions people DO NOT keep to are the usual suspects like

  • Lose weight / get fit


  • Quit smoking
  • Learn something new
  • Improve diet / drink less
  • Volunteer to help others

but don’t ditch these goals, just make more of an effort to focus on and achieve them. Now is the time to re-evaluate how you can do this.
Why have they failed in the past? – well, perhaps they weren’t planned properly, were too diverse and restrictive, or just too many!

Here’s what I have put together to try to help you have more of a chance of winning and getting those goals achieved!…

Actions do speak louder than words, they may be harder to do but are a damn sight more effective! Success will not simply come knocking at your door – you need to go out there and grab it! You need to…
C o m m i t  to  be  Fit!
Write down all that you can do today – AND DO IT! Book that session with a personal trainer, pay for your first 10 Yoga lessons, get a friend to do this with you – diarise everything and be specific. Constantly keep in the forefront of your mind why you’re doing this and what you are achieving by doing so… oh, & buy that 3-pack of IsoWhey and get your diet off to the healthiest possible start!

Vitruvian  Man

I n s p i r e YOURSELF
by reading, watching videos or DVD’s, look at people’s autobiography’s who you can learn from, teach yourself about the human body and learn why processes work the way they do, to know why you’re doing this – knowledge is Power…

T I M I N G so important, make sure you have it. You may need to give up on other consuming things such as watching too much TV, surfing the internet endlessly, or spending hours sitting on Facebook.
Use the Internet to find local Volunteer groups, ring them NOW and sign yourself up. TheT I M I N G ! pleasure you can get from helping others & doing this is incredible – you won’t regret it.
Use your time wisely, put some educational books on your ipod and listen to them to and from work or even at the gym. Don’t sleep in, get up on Saturday morning and go for a walk or jog – I guarantee you will feel invigorated!

So why not this year make a difference, resolve to see your goals through, make small achievable steps, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach them, but stay motivated to carry on – and ENJOY them….then how can you possible not succeed?!

See you in 2 0 1 3!!

2 thoughts on “Make a New Year’s Resolution resolution!…

  1. Weight 91.8 kg
    Isowhey purchased and program printed from website
    Fingers crossed that I can stick at it!!
    Liked your blog!!!

    • Hi Sandra, well we’re one week into the New Year – I hope you have managed to stick to the goals you have set for yourself? Once something becomes a habit, it is os much easier to keep to, so don’t give up! Let us know how you get along! :))

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