Can you have your (Christmas) cake and eat it too?…

Do u want to eat cake?Christmas is a time each year when we spend more time with family and friends, socialise more and work less – fantastic, yeah? Then why do we also feel so bad about ourselves most years after we have eaten too much, argued again, and seen the scales get out of control!

Will we ever learn?!

While some of us may be able to get over our over-indulgences with relative ease, a lot of people can really get off track in their weight loss/ fitness & health goals..the question is can we have our cake and eat it too – well –  as Obama would say…

“Yes You Can!!”

If you have been on a health kick, watching your weight and health/fitness levels, it is very easy to lose a lot of ground over this period, then feel bad about yourself and even pick up bad habits again – but you DON’T need to.

Tp prevent this, focus on two things:- Planning and Preparation

Plan your workload, (at work) – make sure you’re up to date in advance of the silly season. There’s nothing worse than feeling pressured at work with a deadline AND a hangover, and less stress is better for your waistline

Plan your parties, try not to do 2 or 3 in a row, break in between to fully recuperate and eat well.

Plan your meals, its easy to go without at this time which ultimately will not be good for youNibble away! or your metabolism! If you have a late night, make sure you eat soon after waking, again, an IsoWhey shake is ideal here..

Prepare to over indulge, but also prepare how to handle it afterwards! but also remember you do not actually need to over-indulge to enjoy yourself!

So with the right preparation you can plan to avoid certain bad situations – here’s my other top tips to remain in control this Christmas holiday period…

  • don’t drink (alcohol) on an empty stomach, and beware when drinking at home, we tend to fill our glasses a lot more than the regular unit size!Bubbles Darling!
  • keep up your water intake, avoid dehydration, especially when it’s hot outside.
  • avoid those sugar energy drinks – long term they are BAD BAD BAD!
  • have a healthy protein snack before you leave to a party so you don’t overeat on the likely high calorie goodies that will be presented to you!
  • If you’re entertaining, serve low calorie snacks yourself, provide healthy options, be mindful of portion control so don’t leave too many leftovers to pig out on when everyone has left!
  • When out, savour your food, pace yourself
  • Think about each thing you are eating (especially the desserts…share if you can!)
  • Don’t feel obliged to finish everything on your plate.

Regarding planning – also organise your exercise properly, again it’s easy to come undone from your usual routine, give yourself a minimum regime and stick to it! Don’t forget the cardio will burn off any extra calories you may have consumed and the weights will help with a sluggish metabolism – plus you will feel more energised!

Work it off!

As well as looking ahead, also look back to last year when perhaps you weren’t as strong, and remind yourself how you felt and don’t go there again this year!

So Yes…have your cake…but perhaps just don’t eat ALL of it!

 Have a Very Happy Christmas everyone!!

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