Is your work causing you weight gain?…

shutterstock_49817578As I have talked about in various blogs there are many, many reasons why people gain weight and/or have difficulty losing it if they do. Neither is there any one answer to these reasons that fits every person who has issues with their weight. . .

The thing to do is look at the different elements and try to see which one(s) may effect you.

One such reason you may not have considered is “Is your place of work making you fat?” Studies released in the UK from research into their civil servants show that working extra hours of overtime may fill out your pay packet, but it may also be expanding your waistline AND causing you ill health!

The research (which was only for white collar workers, male & female, reported in the European Heat Journal), followed 10,000 workers since 1985 – & found that people who worked more than 3 hours overtime were 60% more likely to have heart related illness (not for 1-2 hours however). Possible reasons are the fact that working longer hours means you are likely to be more stressed or have anxiety, have problems sleeping, or getting to sleep easily or being able to unwind properly. Longer hours also tends to mean you are not eating when or what you should and your ideal exercise regime may be compromised, further affecting your metabolic processes.

extra time?..

A similar study was done here in Australia, but this focused on more than 9000 women only – result… the more hours worked, the more likely they were to gain weight. Long hours were defined as 41-48 (49+ hours classified as very long)and women working these sort of hours were more likely to drink more (alcohol), smoke and do less exercise if any.

It is not just weight or heart disease that may result, but there are many other situations like psychological effects causing feelings of tension stress and depression, high blood pressure, but also musculoskeletal disorders particularly in the hand wrist and back, further hampering exercise ability.

So whats the solution? Well working less, more reasonable hours is the obvious answer – however, for a lot of people this simply may not be an option.

What you need to do is take it back to basics – its about time management and spending a bit of time to focus on diet and exercise at work as well as at home. This is not brain surgery and if you implement these ideas you will see an improvement. You need to eat breakfast – I know people who continually miss their morning meal, have a coke mid-morning for an energy boost, have a poor lunch scoffed down at their desk or on the run, then pig out in the evening when they are starving – probably not the best route to a healthy lifestyle!. Plan your meals, do not make excuses. – If you’re time poor…


  • having an IsoWhey shake is a quick and easy way to get your protein to fill you up, plus necessary vitamins, minerals and probiotics
  • or have it mid-morning / afternoon as a snack
  • include as much incidental exercise as possible to & from work
  • at work, MOVE! do not sit all day at your desk, rather than send that email, go & see the person
  • stretch at your desk at least every half hour, get up and jump around, you may feel silly but it will work!!

At the IsoWhey headquarters we have been doing exactly this, in the form of a fitness challenge – we have been holding different classes in the one of the offices in the lunch hour, either Yoga, Pilates or a cardio circuit type class. This has many benefits, as well as getting you away from your desk and moving it promotes better teamwork and communication, lifts ones mood and actually increases productivity in the afternoon, it also frees up your valuable after hours time as you have already done your gym work!

BioFit 2012!

Once you start to change bad habits other things seem to fall into place – and once you start to see and feel results, well thats just your motivation to carry on and keep losing that waist, improving your muscle mass and fat burning efficiency and being more productive so you don’t need to do all that over time!

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