SUGAR: White vs Raw vs Brown – the Answers

After almost 2 years now of blogging all things health & fitness – this Sugar blog has been the ‘most clicked’…so I wanted to re-post it with an editors note: There is now even more scientific evidence regarding the adverse effects of sugar on the human body (from the Australian National University, relating sugar and brain shrinkage, for example). I seem to be aware of more and more people trying to cut sugar out of their diets and this can only be a good thing. But it’s not easy, everytime I go into practically any shop – all I see is Sugar – everywhere, it’s like it taking over the world! Reading the back of ingredients lists you can see how much sugar is in nearly everything – but you CAN make a difference, always check labels, make informed choices and search out low or no sugar products. Also there are Sugar free publications, like Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ cookbook – make a difference to your health and fitness – and quit today!…

Sweet, sweet sugar – we love it right? We also know it’s bad for us, right? Yet we continue to use it…right?
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The Secret (II) – E x e r c i s e rules for the overweight/obese

Being Obese isn’t easy” – either physically or mentally, there are many reasons as to the cause of this condition, but I am talking here about the nuts and bolts – Diet & Exercise.

Elements playing a part may be

– lack of sleep
– stress
– medications
– lifestyle
– medical/hormonal
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