Beach BootCamp – the Workout Program

Here is the workout program for the Video – “Funky Fitness Ideas – Beach Bootcamp” …. if you have any questions, simply go to my ‘Ask Ian page where I can answer any queries!

Do a quick warm up (2-3 minutes only) to raise your heart rate & get the blood pumping

  • marching on the spot
  • go into a jog
  • raise the knees (forward) to your hands (about waist height)
  • Heel kick – place your hands behind your glutes and lift the heels to the palms of your hand
  • fast jog, go as fast as you can, before returning to a jog, then walk to finish..

There are many different cardio exercises you can do on the beach, here are a few that I have put in my video..pick out your favourites or make up your own. I prefer the early morning to do a beach workout, the light is beautiful and its normally quiet and peaceful with no kids! You can make the workout as hard or easy as you like, simply repeat the circuits until you can’t do any more – it’s that simple –


Lets start with...

Lunge jumps – jump high in the air, landing with one foot forward lowering the back knee to the ground in a lunge position, jump again and alternate the leg position x10 reps

180 degree jumps – start with leg wide apart, facing forward, simply jump in the air landing 180’ round, keep going changing direction x10 reps

Skater jumps – jump from side to side, one foot to the other, in a ‘skating’ motion, sway arms as well for extra momentum. Great for balance and it works the inner & outer leg.

Long jumps – just start with feet together, squat down and jump as far forward as you can, 5-10 jumps, turn around and jump back to start!

Squat thrusts – start in plank position, keeping hips low, bring the knees toward the chest one at a time, in a running action, perform for at least 10 seconds…

After this you can add in a sprint run of approx 10 meters, return to start, even add in some push-ups here and go again!

Spider crawl – this one is challenging! Again start in plank position, and staying in that position, ‘walk’ sideways, for approx 10 meters and return, hips low!

Lunge walking – great for the whole leg and butt, step forward, lower the back knee toward the ground, before alternating with both feet moving forward

Last but certainly not least..

Burpees, ok, stand tall, bend down into a crouch position, hands on the floor in front of you, jump feet backwards to a plank/push up position / perform a push up before jumping back to the crouch position then jump high into the air with a clap of the hands, do at least 5 of these.

Finish by doing a 3 minute Ab blast, (click here to see Ab specific video) focus on your posture, protect the lower back by ‘switching’ on the core muscles, if you cain’t feel the burn, you ain’t doing it properly!

You can repeat this circuit 2-3 times or more until you are ready to cartwheel into the sea. Depending on your fitness level, you can then add in a swim to the routine, again start slowly and above all be aware of the ocean, of both sea life and possible rips, swim near a lifeguard station when possible and never by yourself. The sea water is colder than a pool, and with the water current it makes for a much tougher workout, especially if there are waves.

However, pace yourself and don’t forget to STRETCH at the end (especially the legs) click here for my stretching video! You’ll get a great workout! – Your reward for all this is a nice relaxing lie in the sun, plus you’ll be recharging your electrons from the earth don’t forget!

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