Beach Bootcamp…and going barefoot to get grounded!..

I love this time of year…its not too humid and its not too cold, occasionally a bit fresh in the mornings, but the skies are blue and the sun is out, but not  burning. So what do we need to do? – get out there and make the most of it, thats what! 

As the weather warms up, (southern hemisphere that is!) we start to head back to the beach, and this is the best time to enjoy being there while it is comparatively quiet. Now what to do when you’re there? Well, whilst it’s a great place to relax, you can use the beach in a much healthier way – and get into beach bootcamp!

I am about to release a new video showing just how you can get out and enjoy the outdoors and exercise in a fun and fulfilling way, –  not just at the beach, but getting to the beach with outdoor running. If you have been stuck in a gym during winter, now is the time to get off the treadmill and get outside. It will provide a great variety to your workout, is both challenging and stimulating at the same time and will work your muscles in a different way, giving you better, faster results and giving you the body you want, so you can look your best when you are relaxing on the sand or in the sea! The perfect way to start your day along with your IsoWhey protein shake!

It’s so easy to get into a rut with your training, and this often takes away the motivation to progress and maintain regular sessions, so add in the beach to give you that extra challenge. Working out on the sand will work the muscles harder and hit them from different angels due to its uneven and shifting nature, plus be less jarring for your joints and this also works your cardiovascular system harder as well.

 I recommend going barefoot as well – for many reasons, not just for a better workout fitness wise, but also healthwise. You may have felt that you just ‘feel better’ after walking on the grass in the park or on the sand at the beach, I know I do – well there very well may a scientific reason for this. It’s called Barefoot Earthing or ‘Grounding’.

We know for a fact that the earth’s surface has electrons, fed in part by the 1-2,000 electrical storms that are happening around the globe at any one time. People, plants and animals are all conductive objects and are affected by & interact with these electrons. When we humans are connected (or grounded) to the earth simply by standing on it (either barefoot or in footwear that will conduct, like leather…not plastic), our bodies balance out with the natural electrical voltage as the earth itself. Electrophysiologists believe that the earths surface neutralises the free radicals with the electrons provided by the earth.

You can actually measure this with a voltmeter and see how your electrical charge alters after being in contact with the earth. The benefits are said to include a lowering in muscle soreness / stiffness & inflammation, improve sleep, energy levels and the reduction in free radical damage. It may sound too good to be true, but knowing how the body works and what we know about the earths electrical currents it makes sense. 

We also know that we are surrounded with other harmful electrical waves, from microwaves, to mobile phone, laptops, wi-fi, TV/radio waves, even everyday household electrical appliances. The UN released studies about the dangers of mobile phones earlier this year which for some reason the media kept very quiet about. From personal experience I know that I get headaches (at exactly the point where the phone touches my head!) if I use my phone for too long.

Research has been done, though not on a large scale. Dr W Amalu – International Academy of Clinical Thermology, in his medical study, found 80% of patients found pain relief (from inflammatory pain) withlin 2-4 weeks. Similarly W.Ober found extraordinary results in reduction of chronic back and joint pain (see At the end of the day, you can try and spend half an hour a day ‘grounded’ – you have nothing to lose and there are absolutely no side effects… as with fitness generally you have to ‘listen’ to your body, it can be amazing what its telling you!

However, back to the bootcamp

Go through your beach checklist before you start, you’ll need..

  • sunscreen, even in the early morning
  • sunglasses with proper UV protection
  • goggles if you’re swimminghat (especially if lacking in the hair department like me!)
  • comfortable beach clothes to allow full movement
  • towel – yes a swim is definitely part of the program!

If you want to start off slowly, simply go for a run on the soft sand part of the beach (initially avoid the harder wetter part, it’s not so good for your ankles if you’re not used to it), mix up your speed (interval training) to get the most cardiovascular burn of those calories! This can be used as your warm up, or you can do a specific warm up on the sand if running is not your thing. Be careful with any knee injuries in particular. I am going to post the actual workout in detail with the video in the next few days – watch this spac!

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