PhotoBlog – Blackmore’s Running Festival…

Sunday September 16th, 2012 – What a perfect day Sydney put on for the Blackmore’s Running Festival – the Harbour was a sparkling jewel and the bridge as majestic as ever as nearly 35,000 people ran over her – all raising money for charity (aiming this year for a staggering 2.5 million) – plus getting the message out there about how good it is to be fit and healthy!I

It really was a fantastic advertisement for Australia and Sydney, with the run being broadcast to hundreds of thousands of households – including Japan, where the winner has somewhat of a rockstar status! There were over 500 competitors this year from Japan and this number should grow with the publicity from the day’s event – to a growing tourism market the festival now generates, bringing in thousands of tourist dollars to NSW.

The event was extremely well organised, and the atmosphere very friendly, and a huge variety of different people participated – it really was an event for everyone. Running over the bridge, I accidentally dropped all my money from my pocket – but a very honest competitor ran up to me to return it to me, so thank you!

  • It turned to be a bit of a Japanathon, the winner of this years Marathon being Yuki Kawauchi in a record breaking time of 2-11-52 and the women’s race was won by Mitsuko Hirose in a time of        2-48-49.
  • Interestingly the half marathon was taken out by Takahiro Gunji, in almost exactly half the time –     1-04-19
  • NSW got the trifecta though in the 9km bridge run with David Bradney taking it out in a time of 28.50 – and the women’s winner, 5 minutes later, Hannah Menday in 33.51.

I took some photo’s of the run – I hope you enjoy them

Waiting for the gun to go off!

But first, the 40 minute Queue for the Loo!

…and we’re off..

Across we go…

…and down the other side

The Opera House

Smile, you’re on camera!

The Medals…

chillin’ out!…

What a team!!

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