Fun Run Tips – to get you over the finish line!..

So you’re signed up for your fun run and getting yourself motivated – and its good to know you’re not alone! The numbers of entrants in the Blackmore’s runs have doubled in the last 10 years – what is encouraging is that the number of women partaking (in the bridge run) now sees more than 10,000 taking part – this represents 61% of the total field.

Another big increase is the amount of money raised for really worthwhile charities, rising from $250,000 to $2.4 million last year.

We know there are many positives for taking up running as part of your exercise routine, but I’ve put together some common FAQ’s to help you decide if running’s for you!

Can you run while pregnant? – It is best to consult with your doctor, though generally you are able to maintain the fitness routine you were doing before you became pregnant, i.e don’t start something new, and you can do this through most of your pregnancy, or until it becomes uncomfortable.

What causes the stitch that I get when running? – this is like a cramp, often in/around the abdomen and can occur in new runners due to the abdomen not being used to the jostling! Not eating solids for an hour before the run, and breathing properly should eliminate this.

Is it normal to feel pain during a run, & if so what should I do? – No, pain is not ‘normal’, discomfort perhaps but not pain – if you do, it’s your body telling you something is wrong & may need investigating. If the pain is bad stop straight away & take a break, walk for a little while, if pain persists then you would need to see someone about it.

Is it better to train on the treadmill or outside? – The answer to this really depends on your motive. Generally the body responds to having variety in any routine, so a mixture would be best for regular training. If training for an outdoor event you need to allow your body to get used to that particular environment, in terms of running on uneven surfaces, various distractions, varying temperatures etc.

Are some people better built to run than others? – Certainly, it would seem that genetics does play a part, basket ballers need to be a certain height, NRL players need a certain strength and runners, to be most efficient, would find it better to be a certain build, many people can change their body shape however, and adapt to a sport, it depends where your passion lies & what you actually enjoy doing.

Tips to avoid ‘overtraining’ – If you are going to be ramping up your training, part of that, believe it or not is to not overtrain! This is when your body basically gets to the stage where it loses its ability to recover properly, but also increases the risk of injury, especially for distance runners. Some times even in training, less can be more – avoid training too hard, too fast, too long or too often – make yourself take a rest.

Signs of overtraining, may include:-General fatigue and irritability

a decrease in your physical performance

your muscle soreness lasts for more than 48 hours

difficulty sleeping and headaches

Solutions will include:-

taking appropriate rest during the week, this does not mean every other day, but schedule a day or two off a week. I also recommend having a whole week off every 3 months or so to allow the body to totally recuperate

Listen to your body, to help avoid serious injury be aware of any tell tale signs, work through discomfort but not pain, know your weak areas

Vary your training, don’t do hard runs every day, mix it up by changing the intensity and type, so add in a swim or cycle, perhaps try boxing – things that use different muscle groups on different days.

Focus can be one of the hardest things to maintain during any fitness routine – though it really is an essential part if you are to reach your goals. Registering for something such as the Blackmore’s Bridge Run could give you just the extra motivation you need to get you back to fitness & health, it will make you look at your nutrition, your type of training, and challenge you to do better. people can change their lives around by doing something like this when it becomes not a one-off… but a part of their life.

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