How to Fit Fitness into your life…and your Personality!

I just don’t have time” or “exercise isn’t my thing” – two of the biggest excuses for people not taking responsibility for their health & fitness. However, many people do indeed believe this to be true of themselves…

but, we can change our views of exercise, how we relate to it and plan our time more efficiently to include it. You CAN learn to love fitness and fit it in! This should not be a matter of “if” you do this – but “when” you do it! We were designed to move, not sit at a desk or day or on a sofa all night! See previous Paleo fitness blog.

If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to lead an active, healthy life, both now & into your retirement you simply have to incorporate fitness/exercise into your schedule.

How you do this may depend on you and your PERSONALITY! – it also can depend on your physicality – some people are built – (or not) to do or be certain things in life, this is linked in to your genes and your actual size, so if you’re 6”2’ – lean & athletic – you would be better at being a long jumper or basketball player than say a horse jockey… or a solidly built person would not do too well in a marathon, but would have more chance to excel in shotput for example. To maintain your fitness program you have to enjoy it or else you will not persevere, so match your activity to your personality, it makes sense to achieve those long term goals.

Changing your life style may not take place overnight, but by placing certain rules on yourself, by altering your mindset, you can gradually make the right changes.. remember:-

Don’t look for a ‘quick fix’ solution, this may take time / effort

One step at a time, short term goals

May be difficult, allow yourself the odd slip, don’t beat yourself up

Reverse negative thinking, turn these thoughts into positive ones

Keep goals realistic, but challenging – forward thinking.

Keep yourself motivated – this may be trying to lose weight / get or maintain fitness for-

your family,

for medical reasons (your Dr. said you HAD to lose weight)

landmark Birthday (40 / 50 / 60..)

big event like your wedding or a sporting challenge

to improve your self-esteem…just because you WANT to look and feel healthy & fit

One of the biggest reasons why people give up on their new exercise plan is because they lose interest, especially within that tricky 1st month of change.

Planning is vital

Consistency is key

So what Do You Need To Do??…The MAIN thing is to find something that you enjoy and will want to keep doing. Take a good look at yourself and your personality, try to break things down to a list of sports or activities that best suit you. There are online tests which were designed for work purposes but have been adapted to fit fitness. You may not however slot into just one category, in fact most people would have traits from different areas, but it may give you an indication of what you may want to do and where success may lie:-

For Example…Do you work better in a team or solo

Are you competitive or non competitive

Patient or impatient

Indoorsy or outdoorsy

Disciplined or relaxed & casual in your attitude

Do you take instruction easily, do you like routine or variety in your workouts, whats your attention span?? You may need to try a number of different activities before you find the ‘one’,e.g with Spin classes, you’re told what to do, its challenging but still routine. Body pump classes are similar, social but you only need rely on yourself, or you can adapt a sport to your liking – running can be done totally by yourself with your thoughts, or you can join a social running group…There is no one right answer and everyone is different, what works for one may not for another – and thats in a practical sense consider that:-

if you’re a bit of a loner and like repetition, look at swimming, or a gym weights workout following a program

If you’re more competitive, look at training for say a marathon (or half?!) or a mini-triathalon. You want to work out with others & be more social try team sports like netball or the local rollerderby, the local tennis club..

You like control & going for perfection? Quality over quantity? Yoga and Pilates may be for you… on the other hand the opposite mindset may be that of say a runner, who just wants to get across whatever line you’re aiming for asap & you don’t care what your posture is!

If you get bored easily – write a bucket list of things you want to try, just don’t sit at home thinking about it – get out there and do it!

WORD QUIZ:- The answer to lasts weeks question, which related to the blog title which included the phrase “Real or not Real” & I asked which Hollywood movie it came from – it was from “The Hunger Games” – & was a game played by the two main characters, Katniss and Peeta, where in the very last line of the last book, Peeta says to Katniss…”you love me – real or not real?….” to which Katniss replied…..

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