Fitness Gets Funky! Sydney Expo 2012…

This weekend I headed down to the annual Australian Fitness & Health Expo – held at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre in Sydney. It’s basically like a trade fair on steroids (sometimes literally!). Producers and manufacturer’s of all things fitness come together to show their wares, from the latest gym equipment, to clothing to supplements to aerobic displays and competitions on the various stages.

It was quite a challenge making your way through the muscles – on both the guys AND girls – but was well worth a visit. I took  some pics to share with you some of the new looks of things to come – machines are getting more technical, and include total entertainment systems – you can now ‘star’ in your very own fitness video!  – you attach a sensor to your entertainment unit and this records your movements and transfers them onto the image on the TV screen – rather like the Wii program.

Elipticals are set to get more challenging, with the feet pads moving now in positions of 360 degrees, weights machines talking to you telling you how to work out properly (putting PT’s out of business?!), and simple smaller versions of a portable Pilates reformer. Check these out…

Funky new Cross Trainers, see them at your gym soon!

To the right we have these new “BoX Masters” – where there are the boxing pads normally held by your trainer, placed in the appropriate position to have a proper hit, you will start to see these in your gyms soon but can also purchase them privately. Boxing is a great way to get a great cardio workout, you employ numerous muscles at the same time, plus after a hard day at the office it’s a fabulous tension release, just picture a face of someone you’d like to punch, and go for it!

To the left there is the traditional ‘Pilates Reformer’,while in the blue we have the new ‘Core Fitness Roller’ – this is a much cheaper version that can easily be used in the home & has much the same benefits as the regular reformer – and about $2000 cheaper!!

the new 360 degreeX trainer will work out your muscles in a totally different way, working out all the leg muscles. I also saw the newest Vibration technology – with 2 different motors giving your body a workout on 3 dimensions – with up to to 50 speeds, there always be room for improvement. You can feel the effects from the workout long after you step off the machines, and only after a few minutes really feel like you have done a full workout, pretty amazing, especially as we are all so time poor these days – the only problem was the price tag – around $3200 – obviously aimed at the commercial market still. Although if you look around there are cheaper alternatives for the home.

Dumbells are also getting a makeover – it seems kettlebells are the new black (or pink or green or blue as you can see!), also I am demonstrating the new block dumbells where you can add or take off weights easily. We also had rowing machines where you actually row through water, adding a touch of reality to the routine!

It was exciting to see all the changes that are coming to help people improve their fitness, and keep it interesting – it’s important to always be trying to think of new and different ways to challenge your body, and to see continued results. These Fitness expo’s are held in the capitals of all states so next time it’s on in your neck of the woods, go take a look!

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