Celebrity Culture – friend or foe?…

Welcome to my 100th Blog!

My aim is to motivate and /or inspire people to achieve their fitness & health goals, and I certainly hope I achieve that…today I am asking the question

“Do we unfairly judge ourselves?”

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“What inspires you to achieve your goals”….

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Everyone knows that we have a huge Obesity ‘epidemic’ around the world – centered around first world countries, particularly Australia, The United States of America and the UK – but looking in the papers or magazine covers, watching movies, seeing TV adverts and series, billboards by the side of roads everyday… what do we see looking at us? – yes, beautiful looking, gorgeous 20-30 year old models, celebrities or actors telling us how we can look this good if we follow their tips or workout regime’s, or by applying their creams and following their diets – is it any wonder so many people need therapy these days?!

But my question is – are we being unfair on ourselves? Is that real, what is reality and what part of it do we really want or need?? Celebrity culture has become big business these days, we seem to know the in’s and out’s of so many different people’s lives, whether it be Jennifer Aniston, Angelina, Madonna or bigger still Kim kardashian! – and it’s like some people live through the lives of celebrities – and I have to admit to having a cheeky peek at New Idea every now and then to read who is doing what to who!(allegedly!). 

I have blogged about the importance of your mindset in being able to formulate goals and realise your health potential and self worth is a big part of that. The problem here is that this is what so many of us do not have and this is compounded by the constant battering we have of these ‘beautiful’ images in the media. We subconsciously compare ourselves to these people, putting them on a pedestal with a desire to look like or be like them – but can we…and should we…

So…Is this reality? – NO! we are effectively comparing ourselves to cartoon charactertures! This has been highlighted by recent controversy over both the airbrushing and photoshopping of numerous models/actors. One magazine forced to take down advertisements of their model due to them being ‘misleading’. The effect of this is also shown on the youtube clip by Dove showing the transformation of a regular girl into a bilboard model – both airbrushed AND phtoshopped to death – the end product unrecognisable!

To fully achieve your fitness and weight loss goals you need to take yourself away from this land of make believe and make them real. Believe in yourself and what YOU want to be. Make your goals realistic and you will be able to achieve them, not forgetting you are not all designed to be a size 4 (see my Gene’s debate!).

To help you do this get a picture of yourself when you were the size you want to be NOW, and keep this image in your mind – creative visualisation can work! Make it about YOU, not a celebrity or model. BE inspired by watching,hearing or listening to others and their journey’s, implement a training routine that you will enjoy, change your attitude to food, it is not the enemy, make it your friend. Write down all the things you want to achieve and again keep these in your conscious mind – and keep reminding yourself about these goals – think it then be it!

It must be said however, that not all photo’s are photoshopped – I was at the beach just last week and recognised the person sat next to me – Mel B (Spice girl/X factor/ DWTS) – she has recently been on a well publicised weight loss campaign after the birth of her baby, Madison – & I have to say she did look amazing – and I told her so, she informed me that her photo’s certainly aren’t photoshopped, and I can believe her… it’s good to know that some celebrities don’t succumb to the airbrush!

While these unreal images can be very demotivating, some media can be more inspirational. I am referring to shows like “The Biggest Loser”. Here, the actual process may not be realistic, i.e who can afford to work out 6 hours a day and employ a personal trainer 24/7 and I don’t agree with how they drastically reduce their calorie intake to achieve their goals, the results can be motivating however. You can see how with dedication, ordinary people can lose the weight, improve their self confidence and self worth and change their lives. We go through the ups and downs and can relate to the issues that these contestants go through. Being over weight can be a huge burden and while losing it may not fix all your problems in one go, it does make you a healthier person and then hopefully more able to address your other issues.

Another confidence booster can be to give yourself a mini make-over. Have a facial, improving your skin, buy outfits that are flattering to your shape (these needn’t be expensive, see the many magazine articles showing you how to copy the catwalk look at a fraction of the cost), visit the hairdresser and improve your tressels, and learn how to apply the correct make up techniques that best suit your face – again go to a department store, most houses offer free make-overs giving you personal tips and advice – these alone can greatly improve your look – and no airbrushing required!

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Culture – friend or foe?…

    • Hi Michelle, I usually advise my clients not to weigh themselves too regularly, as long as you’re aware of weight loss/reduction in body fat % – how your clothes fit is the best way to know…and motivating when the jeans fit better!

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