Wanna get Fit, & stay Fit?…here’s how!

I always think that just after a holiday period like Easter is a good time to re-evaluate “stuff” and go about possibly resetting what you need and want out of life.

Your health, I believe should always be your number one priority – you are no good to anyone – especially family members or work colleagues if you are sick. I have talked many times about the co-morbidities of being overweight or obese and no-one wants to have heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes…the list is endless.

So, what do we need to do.. well I have put together a list of things I believe will get you on track to be healthy and fit – and stay that way, for good. These will be challenging, but if you stick with them, it will be worth it.. . .

Dump The Junk! – …referring to the food junk that is. It may be challenging at first, especially if your body is used to getting it, but also it may well just be habit, e.g having that take away double burger every Friday night. Break the habit, give it 3 weeks and then its easier! Once you feel the benefits of not having junk food, you won’t want to go back!

Don’t Starve Yourself – I am surprised at the number of times I have been told by people how “well” they are doing by not eating very much (e.g. no lunch, or breakfast) – this is definitely not the way to go! Your body needs to have its metabolism kickstarted first thing in the morning and then needs to be stimulated during the day with healthy snacking. However, you do need to watch your portion size, keep them small!

Get Professional Help! – Of the PT (Personal Training) type I mean. Exercise should be an integral part of your health regime – but as a PT I see so many people making mistakes in their form at the gym they are almost wasting their time doing specific exercises, often a slight change in posture can affect the whole movement & make it work effectively! Having your own trainer may seem extravagant, but you may only need to get a couple of lessons to learn form & perhaps have a top up once every six weeks or so.

Go the SuperFoods! Research is continually showing us the benefits of eating both berries from the regular blue and strawberry ones to the more exotic Acai or Macqui, especially in terms of their anti-oxidant value. Also make sure you eat enough leafy greens such as rocket, English spinach or kale, then of course Broccoli is known to have vital nutrients to assist in disease prevention. Plus your body will LOVE you for eating them, especially as you will be replacing the junk!

Help Yourself – ..in terms of Supplements. There are some genuinely great products out there that can assist in your weight loss regime. As well as IsoWhey of course, there is L-Carnitine, a fat metaboliser, helping to burn fat not only faster but more efficiently, or if you have issues with not feeling full enough, a good fibre supplement may do the trick. However don’t fall for pills advertised that promise to do everything for you with no effort & no research behind them – they don’t exist!

Believe In Yourself – even on days when you’re a bit down, try and maintain a core belief that you can do this and it IS worth it. EVERYONE has self doubt at some point, its how you handle it that differentiates you, perseverance pays off, as you see results you are motivated to carry on, be competitive but don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally fall off the wagon! The power of your mindset will determine the level of your success.

Give Yourself a Break – Whilst I try and do some training every day, even if it’s just a brisk walk, and when I train, I train to 100% as much as I can, it is equally important to allow your body to rest. Every 6 to 8 weeks I will take a week off, not totally of course, walking should be an everyday thing, but I take the pressure off myself from having to do workouts, it allows me to do “me” things and your body can fully recover from the previous 2 months worth of training – or have a massage instead, bliss!

Aim High – on our journey of life, it’s better if we have an idea of where we’re going, & this includes our health / fitness regime. Work with both setting goals short term, i.e for each workout session, e.g to burn 600 cals on the treadmill or increase weights by a kilo or two for that session, to longer term goals such as target weight in 3 months, then 6 until you reach the ideal – then its all about maintenance which is equally as important – get it off and KEEP it off!

Compound it! – the way you train is very important. You need to enjoy it or else you simply won’t do it, but what you do needs to be effective. Mix it up & train multiple body parts at the same time, easy by say adding in a squat to any upper body workout, like a shoulder press below…. use benches to combine step ups with bicep curls. By doing this you will burn more calories, and get more out of your workout time.

Move it! I know I must sound like a broken record in this but incidental exercise CAN make a difference! I think it’s great to see people walking up the stairs next to the escalators, but equally sad to people just STANDING on the moving stairs – why don’t people just at least walk up them rather than just stand there? latest research is showing how bad it is for people who are sitting down all day at work even if they exercise regularly, so we need to move at every opportunity!

Though there are many other things you need to be aware of in terms of achieving your fitness & health goals I believe if you can stick to the above few guidelines you will be well on the way to success

If you have any of your own secret fitness tips I would love to hear them and share them with everyone – knowledge is power, Think it…believe it!…

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