Newsround – How Ian ‘C”s it!…


Looking at the latest health & fitness news from around the world this week, the first thing that caught my eye was the headline “how do you tell someone they’re fat”? as this links in to my last blog “are you a big FAT liar?” about how we actually lie to ourselves about our weight/health issues. So how do you tell someone this and should you do it?. Some of the comments after the article were also interesting, ranging from “it’s just totally rude” to “why wouldn’t you”. learn more & press here..

Are you a big FAT liar?….

Well, as this is one of my last blogs from London, I thought I would base it on some interesting data just released over here – which ties in with my earlier writings about the power of our mind in our Battle of the Bulge.

Pork pies are a bit of a speciality over here in the UK, and this latest research is about the fact of how many people exist on a diet of porkie pies! So are you a big fat liar??… stop lying, press here..

How FIT are you?…test yourself!

As we all know, exercise plays a major role when setting your weight loss/health/fitness goals – and it’s not just the losing weight, but the reduction in chances of getting many other debilitating co-morbidities as mentioned in my last blog. Another major part being played in the achieving of these goals is that of motivation, you need that continued desire to keep pushing yourself. to read on press here..

What effect does extra weight have on YOUR life?…

There has been quite a bit of education over the last few years about the co-morbidities of being over-weight or obese – a condition now affecting more than two thirds of the population. These are conditions that result from being overweight such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, even cancers.

Basically every vital organ in the body is press here to read more..