To stretch?..& when to stretch, that is the Question..

In my blogs over the last year or so I have spoken about most areas of health and fitness. One area yet to be talked about though is that of 

s t r e t c h i n g, more specifically when to do it, how often, before or after exercise, what type or actually if at all!  Over the years stretching has been touted as necessary to prevent soreness and risk of injury & improve performance press here to cont..

Eat, Pray….IsoWhey

Let me pass you over to our very own IsoWhey Chef, Janine Royce, who has just returned form an adventure in India, and is writing here to pass on some great tips and advice that she learnt from her trip…. 

I recently returned from my holiday to Southern India and my first thoughts about going there was I hope I trim down and lose a few kilos!!! I was wondering if I might get sick, as you hear the horror stories of “Delhi belly” and having a sensitive stomach I am usually a good candidate. want more, press here..

An App a day keeps the weight away?…

Who would’ve imagined 30 years ago when mobile phones first came on the scene, the type of technology that we have today with smartphones? I remember my first job in London in the mid ‘80’s working for an Oil broking Company and we were among the first to get mobiles – if that’s the right word for them, the battery was the size of a car battery and I was forever on the phone to BT complaining about bad line connections (well some things don’t change!). to read more press here..

Top Tips for Meditation Practice..

In my last blog I talked about about meditation and how, for many people, it has changed their lives, in both their perception and reaction to, well anything…. the problem is that most people who try it don’t actually succeed or stick with it long enough to see the benefits – because it’s hard work! But, if you can persevere the rewards can be great. I have put together a few tips to help you if you feel like it could be beneficial to help you achieve your goals.. press here to read on…

Meditate for Motivation…and results!

So we’re two weeks into the New Year, we have started our new way of life, we are going to the gym and we haven’t been pigging out on the naughty stuff – Great! I know this is happening because the gym has been so much busier this week! However, I also get a feeling of Deja Vu as this happens every we near towards February it quietens down again. Why..relax, press to cont..

THINK yourself slim & fit in 2012!…

In my last blog I wrote about basic weight loss results coming from a need to change your eating and exercise habits…and this is true, but it actually goes deeper than this for many people – it’s more about changing your lifestyle and keeping it that way. People often say they have tried different ‘diets’ which may have shown initial results but they ended up putting all, or in some cases more, weight back on. press here to cont..