Give the gift of Fitness this Christmas!…

…My last blog before Christmas, I was wondering what to write about, trying to tie in fitness with Christmas and then thought what better than taking a leaf out of my own book by trying to inspire and motivate someone you care for by giving the gift of fitness!

Now you will need to be careful here and don’t give out gym pass memberships without knowing the person well and knowing they won’t be offended by your gift – you can’t force someone to do fitness! This idea can work best either with a partner, flatmate or best friend, where you both have similar goals and can work together in achieving them. You will find it much easier to keep to your goals when you have committed to a time with someone else.

Christmas is not always the best time of year to actually start to try to either get healthy & fit or maintain what you have already started. However, be aware that once you cease a routine for more than 2 or 3 weeks, it is much harder to ‘get back on the wagon’. So while I don’t recommend actually depriving yourself over the festive season, if you are watching your weight, really try to keep watching it!

Have you ever got very frustrated not being able to think of anything to get?? The good thing about fitness gifts is that you can get pressies for all the family, from the little kiddies to mum and dad to grandparents!

One of the best ideas, for all the family is a Wii Fit game, choose your favourite sport, or try something new – develop new skills, co-ordination, balance, & cognitive – it’s fun and gets everyone involved.

Vibro-platforms are another way to get the whole family involved, these are now sold in ‘home’ versions for only about $350, and all you need to do is stand on it! Benefits here though range from improving general fitness, cardio, toning, osteoporosis and lean muscle growth, promoting better fat loss.

Alternatively, if you’re more old school, you could always get ‘twister’!

If your partner, best friend etc is wanting to start a new fitness regime, what better than a series of personal training sessions, these can start at around 10 for less than $500, or look at getting group fitness classes, e.g the bootcamp ones for around $200. These are often outside, can be fun, motivating and educational. Because these have been paid for, there’s commitment and hopefully participation! One of the biggest reason people don’t get the results they want is due to poor form, you can even injure yourself by not knowing the correct moves. This could be the best way for someone to kickstart their regime. Don’t forget it only takes 21days for something to become a habit, so by the time they have completed their present they could be hooked!

Yoga classes (with perhaps a beautiful mat for extra motivation?) may be another alternative – great to do with a friend, they’re calming, exerting & great for stretching and breathing techniques. You can get 20 visits for $20 at most centres. Hopefully they’ll be inspire to carry on once the trial finishes!

Then of course you have the bigger end of the market where you can actually buy full on treadmills or cross trainers, these however are really more for the already committed and hardcore!

However, if you’re just looking for more stocking filler presents, here’s some ideas for you…

  • Set of dumbells/ankle/wrist weights – great for starting a weight routine at home or in the park
  • Gym clothes/gym gloves – if you look the part it can be very inspiring!
  • Heart rate monitor/stopwatch – ideal to measure your progress
  • Bicycles for the kids (or adults!) 
  • Kettlebells – an good alternative to weights for someone already into fitness
  • Fitball – very versatile, you can even use them as an office chair, great for posture
  • Medicine ball/Bosu – get those abs with the balls assisatance
  • For grandparents – a pass for some Aqua aerobic classes for the over 70’s – you’re never too old don’t forget!
  • Detox Spa weekend away – booked ahead in time as a motivating reward – only given if they actually reach their goal (bribery!)
  • A pair of running shoes
  • Last but not least – for that extra bit of motivation – ISOWHEY!

So there you go – you now have no excuse to say you can’t think of anything – these gifts can make a real difference to your loved ones lives, and hopefully provide the motivation for them to either start or continue their fitness regime..

So from me – have a wonderful, happy and healthy Christmas!

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